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One artist has been turning the gray sidewalks of her neighborhood into a magical Disney kingdom one chalk drawing at a time, and the results of her unusual hobby are well and truly awesome!

Reddit user Studwiser83 posted images of his wife Amanda Creek's al fresco artwork a few days ago, and it's pretty obvious why he was so proud of her artistic ability when you scroll through the images below.

Belle and the Beast

Every neighborhood could do with some extra beauty, especially when it's of the 'and the Beast' variety!


Taking painting will all of the colors of the wind to a whole new level.


This adorable rendition of the lovable Monsters, Inc. character does anything but sully the sidewalk!

Aladdin and Jasmine with Genie

I hope someone felt a Whole New World of enjoyment when they saw this iconic scene before undergoing the daily grind.


Dory is so determined to keep swimming that not even being a fish out of water can hold her back!

Jessica Rabbit

Who said sidewalks can't be sultry?

Lightning McQueen

Best birthday ever!


"Take pride in all you do."

Carl Fredricksen

If your spirits don't feel buoyant after seeing this tribute to the cuddly curmudgeon that is Carl Fredricksen, there's no help for you!


You better watch your step around this devious Disney villain!

Cruella De Ville

Dog walking not recommended.

Buzz Lightyear

This artist's drawing skills clearly stretch to infinity and beyond.


It was later reported that an infestation of frogs had swarmed the area!

Mickey, Goofy and Donald

Just goofing around in the sunshine.

If you want to keep up with more of Amanda's awesome artwork, click HERE to follow her on Instagram.

(Source: Imgur)


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