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The Little Rascals once cost me a princely sum of $25 dollars as a child because I forgot to take the VHS back to the video store, but even that childhood trauma hasn't dimmed the nostalgic glow I feel for the lovable, madcap movie.

Although my rural tomboy self bristled with the injustice of the "He-Man Womun Haters Club," I loved the way that The Little Rascals made their own rambunctious fun in a way that I recognized and how the most admired box car driver in the game turned out to be a gutsy girl. Not to mention adorable/hilarious scenes like the one below:

Now I've warmed you up with some nostalgic fuzzy feelings, let's have a look at how the mists of time have treated the cast:

Bug Hall (Alfalfa)

Travis Tedford (Spanky)

Brittany Ashton Holmes (Darla)

Ross Bagley (Buckwheat)

Kevin Jamal Woods (Stymie)

Jordan Warkol (Froggy)

Zachary Mabry (Porky)

Courtland Mead (Uh Huh)

Sam Saletta (Butch)

Blake Jeremy Collins (Woim)

Blake McIver Ewing (Waldo)

Juliette Brewer (Mary Ann)

Heather Karasek (Jane)

If that trip down memory lane wasn't enough for you, the cast also got together for the movies 20th anniversary last year and did this awesome reenactment of the movie's iconic cover that you can check out below:

(Source: IMDB)


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