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Here's the benefit that comes with making a straight laced, down to earth reboot of one the most recognizable fictional properties in history. If any feeling of creativity dries up, you can always loosen that sensibility, and get a little crazy to give your fans a jolt of something special. That's just the position that Sherlock is in as it approaches Season 4. Case and point, this!

There's always the suspicion that this could signify a lack of ideas for show runners, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatis. Reverting Sherlock back to the very thing the show was a departure from could be seen as an admission that the show has used up it's own neat premise, but that's only if you wanna be real cynical. If you wanna approach this with a sense of glee, you could speculate what other crazy departures from the initial series Sherlock could indulge in when it reaches Season 4!

Go Supernatural

Although the fandoms cross over a surprising amount, I'm not here suggesting that Sherlock adopt the storytelling model of the show, Supernatural, with Sherlock and Watson getting killed and resurrected so many times, you begin to forget you've been watching for ten Seasons. What I would find interesting about introducing supernatural elements to Sherlock Season 4 is that it would shake up the detective aspect to the show, forcing Sherlock to work his way around cases that don't obey the laws of the natural world.

Some might think that introducing the supernatural to a show like Sherlock would act as a cheat code for any plot to be resolved in seconds, but in the right hands, some incredible stuff can come of this. Just look at the likes of Death Note! Then again, this is Steven Moffat we're talking about, who with Doctor Who is the king of solving complex plot lines in seconds with a bunch of sci-fi gibberish.

Real World Killers

Is Sherlock willing to go there?
Is Sherlock willing to go there?

Yes I'm aware that it has for a long time been the most gauche idea to pitch Sherlock Holmes against the real-life legendary serial killer, Jack the Ripper, but have you spent five seconds on the internet? People love hearing about unsolved crimes. They read about a killer on the loose 20 years ago, and assume that means they're outside their door right now. Introducing Sherlock to real world unsolved crimes would give a sense of immediacy to the show, but would also be incredibly distasteful, especially when paired with Benedict Cumberbatch's on-screen delight for corpses.

Sherlock in the Future

Hey if it worked for Batman, why not try it now? Steven Moffat has exhibited a willingness to delve into the past to capture the imagery of the original novels, so why not swing the other way, positing what an equivalent of Sherlock Holmes would look like and get up to in the future? I'm not saying that everyone has to dress in zip-up unitards, or that 221b Bakerstreet now has to be a space station. But hey, dystopian future London is something that resonates with everyone!

The Moriarty Collective

Does Moriarty have buddies?
Does Moriarty have buddies?

I hope I'm not alone in wanting this to be the direction Sherlock is headed in. That Season 3 cliffhanger started everyone guessing how Moriarty could possibly have survived shooting himself in the face. One of the best theories is that the individual we saw as Moriarty did indeed die, but a wider organization which he works on behalf of could still be out there. We could be set to see an entire collective of super criminals, all going under the alias of "Moriarty".

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