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Huntington beach is situated on the sea side in the Orange county in southern California and it is named after a great businessman of America Henry Huntington. The beach was incorporated in the year 1909 in the month of February. Earlier the beach was not very much famous it is only when oil was discovered its familiarity is in picture and its development was in full swings.

Real Estate

Real Estate Huntington Beach
Real Estate Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Orange County

Real Estate sector in Huntington beach is in full bloom. This city is only 40 kms away from Los Angeles and also nicknamed as “Surf City USA”. This area is visited by many tourists every year and most of them wants to relocate here after seeing the beauty of the place at their first look. If anyone wants to settle here first and the foremost thing he has do is to identify the area where he wants to settle with his family and friends. The best area to settle down is the area of Orange County as it will provide calmness and peace of mind and relaxation. The Beach area will provide freshness from ocean breeze. Various activities like kite flying, and other occasions are enjoyed by the people who are settled in this beautiful place. Many houses are here for sale and with the help of property dealers deals are successful. It is the best place to make home as it is the most beautiful town in the form of bringing fresh energy. Beautiful homes are available here in affordable prices.

Huntington Beach is spread into four divisions, description of the same is as given below:-

1. Beach of Huntington NorthWest: This area very expensive and homes for sale are available. As it has the beauty of different channels of Huntington beach and of pacific ocean , homes and condos with easy access to boat adds more feathers to cap.

2. Beach of Huntington West: In this area we will find number of homes and condos providing various amenities like enjoying of pool, playing of tennis and club activities. This area is situated in the west part of the Huntington Beach and has different countries as its neighbors. Homes here are costly as being near to ocean.

3. Beach of Huntington North East : This area of Huntington beach is much affordable . It is located in the west of Fountain valley and it has around 50 neighboring countries.

4. Beach of Huntington South: This area of the Huntington beach has 60 different neighbors and it is located in the north of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa heights between Pacific coast Highway. In this area single home cost is between $400,000 - $600,000.

Neighbor Areas of Huntington Beach

Neighbor areas of the Huntington Beach are also very well developed since 1970. There are so many neighborhoods who are ready to sell their property and you can after proper survey of the area and after consulting your friends can buy home


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