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The greatest team of heroes meets the greatest decade in action films. If there were a Justice League movie, who would have filled the coveted roles of the original seven members? Only the greatest action stars are worthy, and not all make the cut. Here is your 80s Justice League!

Sylvester Stallone as Superman

Back when Rocky was being made and old Sly was as cut as could be. Only he could fit the role of the strongest being in comics. His perseverance, confidence, and leadership are more than enough to land him the role of The Man of Steel! 80s Sly embodies all of the greatest traits that make Superman the shining golden boy of the DCU!

Kurt Russell as Batman

Escaping from New York, Kurt Russell would easily find his way into Gotham! Have you seen that jaw? We all know that the keys to a great Batman are a strong jaw, deep voice, and the ability to kick some major ass. Who could possibly beat out Snake Plissken for those traits? 80s Kurt Russell very well could have been the best Batman we ever had! Imagine his suave, smooth talking self as Bruce Wayne, only to don the cowl and beat you to a pulp as Batman!

Linda Hamilton as Wonder Woman

Come on! An argument could be made for Sigourney Weaver, but she did not kick nearly as much well-deserved ass as Linda Hamilton did in Terminator. Linda was a natural born leader, warrior, and aviator-wearing mom of the year! Beside the mom part, Wonder Woman and her are basically the same person! Wonder Woman's alter-ego might as well have been named Linda Hamilton rather than Diana Prince. Linda might actually be even more wondrous than Wonder Woman herself. Further, who else could stand up to these 80s dudes and surpass their badass-ness other than Linda Hamilton? No one, that's who!

Jean-Claude Van Damme as The Flash

Do you remember how fit he was and still is? The Flash is all about speed and durability, and who better to embrace that kind of character than the Bloodsport champion himself! Jean-Claude Van Damme's kicks are already deadly in real life, but imagine him as The Flash and then kicking bad guys in the face!

Mel Gibson as Green Lantern

Who better to play bad-boy Hal Jordan than bad-boy Martin Riggs? Both are men who just can't play by the rules and sometimes cross the line, but they always get the job done. Plus, bonus round, we could have Danny Glover as John Stewart and make it a buddy cop movie with these two Lethal Green Lanterns. Could you imagine instead of getting Lethal Weapons we got Green Lantern buddy cop movies with those two? I'm going nuts just thinking about it! Mel Gibson's little quips to Danny Glover would be perfect for Hal Jordan's cocky attitude and remarks towards Batman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Aquaman

Conan was a ruler of land, and now Arnold as Arthur Curry will rule the seas! Aquaman is supposed to be a big guy, impervious to some of the harshest attacks. He needs to be able to go up against Superman himself, as well as lead his people. Arnold can go up against Sly, and we've seen him lead a team of highly trained soldiers in Predator. He basically is Aquaman. Plus, his accent can just be explained away as, "Oh yeah. All Atlanteans sound like this. Duh."

Dolph Lundgren as Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter has to look a bit like a Martian obviously, so who better to be the odd man out than Dolph "Ivan Drago" Lundgren? He's already from Russia in Rocky IV, so we'll just push him a bit farther and say he's from Mars. Lundgren is a monster of a man, and J'onn J'onzz is a figure as large as Superman. Also, Martian Manhunter was first introduced as a fail safe for Superman, so who better to go the distance with Sly than Ivan Drago?

I hope you guys had as much fun reading this as I did writing it! I know not all of our 80s heroes are on the list, but when you're pulling actors from a collection as amazing as 80s action heroes, not all of your favorites are going to make it. Please let me know what you all thought.


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