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(Warning - very mild potential SPOILERS for future MCU movies lie below. An equivalently very mild amount of caution is advised...)

Now, when it comes to iconic superhero costumes, they really don't come much more iconic than Spider-Man's legendary blue and red (and webbed) outfit. Over the years, though, even Spidey's gotten a little fed up with his old school duds, and changed things up a bit on a whole bunch of occasions. I mean, sure, his new costumes hardly ever stuck around for more than a handful of issues, but, y'know, the intention was very much there.

With rumors emerging that we might not be seeing Spidey wear that iconic red and blue suit when he arrives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year, though, one (or more) of those suits may well be set to be given another outing - this time on the big screen.

The big question, then?

What Alternate Spider-Suits Could We End Up Seeing in the MCU?

After all, there are a whole lot to choose from, but only a finite number of movie appearances in which to fit them...

First up, then?

5. The Rumored Hoodie Suit

I.e. the one that, according to Latino-Review, we're set to see Spidey wear in the immediate future (and that apparently looks a whole lot like the fan art above, by SpikeSDM).

What could that mean for the MCU, though? Well, more than anything else, it suggests that - despite the apparent absence of an origin story - we're set to see a Spider-Man who's still very early on in his super-heroing career.

Also, if Brian Michael Bendis' acclaimed run on Ultimate Spider-Man is any guide, then there's a pretty good chance of us seeing something like this happen:

Though, knowing the MCU, probably with more large-scale city-destruction attached...

Alternatively, then?

4. The Iron Spider Suit

Y'know, the one that Tony Stark gave Spidey just as Civil War was breaking out in the comics...just as it's about to in the movies...

What could that mean for the MCU, though? Well, if Spidey really does start his movie career in a hoodie-based suit, then there's a decent chance he'll switch to this one before ending up in some variation of his original outfit.

That, though, would also suggest he's going to wind up on Iron Man's side in Captain America: Civil War...for a while, at any rate.

An even more popular option?

3. The Symbiote Suit

Which, of course, we've already seen on screen back in Spider-Man 3 - but with speculation abounding that we'll see Venom in the MCU sooner or later, there's a pretty solid chance we'll see Spidey's iconic black symbiote suit too.

What could that mean for the MCU, though? Well, Venom, more than anything else.

His origin is, after all, inextricably linked to the suit, and to Spidey's ultimate rejection of it. A possible introduction post-Avengers: Infinity War, during which Spider-Man might just find himself in possession of a mysterious black suit, much as he did back in the 80's in Secret Wars...

A more modern option?

2. The Stealth Suit

Introduced to the Spider-comics relatively recently, as a way of combating the villainous Hobgoblin, Spidey's Stealth suit has the ability to not only turn the web-slinger invisible, but also to make him look awesome.

What could that mean for the MCU, though? Well, should Spidey eventually end up working alongside the Avengers more frequently, there's a good chance he'd need a suit somewhere in between his regular duds and the Iron Man-esque look of the Iron Spider suit. This could well be it...

Intriguingly, the suit has in recent years actually been worn by one of Spidey's (numerous) clones, Kaine, as The Scarlet Spider. Speaking of whom, there's also (finally)...

1. The Scarlet Spider Suit

Which, seeing as it's pretty symbolic of a particularly controversial era of Spider-Man's comic-book history, in which there were clones everywhere, might not seem the most likely costume to turn up in the movies. That being said, the costume (originally worn by one-time Spider-Man Ben Reilly) could make for a great sight gag during a Spider-suit design process in that first solo movie...

What could that mean for the MCU, though? Clones. Loads of 'em. Though, y'know, not really.

What do you reckon, though?


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