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(Warning - the following includes a whole lot of discussion about Captain America's sex life. If that prospect makes you feel icky, the following few hundred words or so may not be for you...)

So, here we are again.

Y'see, a few months ago, Chris 'Captain America' Evans was asked about Cap's sex life, and his response was...controversial:

"It’s funny when you think about it – he’s probably a virgin. [Laughs.] He’s probably a virgin! I don’t know when it would’ve happened."

That revelation that yes, that Marvel Cinematic Universe-headlining Captain America is, as things stand, almost certainly a virgin came as a shock to many, and the resulting debate was furious and prolonged.

For some, the very idea that Cap wouldn't have hooked up with at least one dancing girl post-super-soldier serum seemed ridiculous, while for others, the possible implication that Cap would've ever even considered having sex before marriage was equally absurd. For others still, even the terms of the debate were problematic, with the (unintended) implication that there was anything at all wrong with being a virgin causing a whole lot of anger across the internet.

The ultimate conclusion, however, was that Cap most likely was, as of 2015, still a virgin.

What, Though, If Cap ISN'T a Virgin?

That, it seems, is the implication of the answer that Hayley Atwell - Cap's war-time love Peggy Carter herself - gave when straight out asked by a fan at Boston Comic-Con: Did the pair ever consummate their relationship?

To which Atwell responded:

"I think so. I think they were soul-mates. She was into him when he was skinny Steve, because I think she saw a kindred spirit in him, someone who had obstacles to overcome. I think Peggy as a woman in that male-dominated world, in that time, also was seen - because of her sex - as a disability, and so I think she resonated with him, and felt less alone. So, there was a genuine affection for each other on a kind of heart level, and a respect level. But, yeah, I think they must have done it."

Now, admittedly, Atwell also noted that:

"Y'know, it was a different time, a very traditional time, but I don't know."

Though she then went so far as suggesting that Evans may actually have changed his mind about the whole thing:

"I'll have to ask Chris what he thinks...[adopts Chris Evans voice]...'Oh yeah, they totally did it.'"

Or, in other words?

It Sounds Like Captain America Might NOT Be a Virgin, After All

Though, of course, there's only so long that the question of whether or not that matters in the slightest can be completely avoided...

...No, wait, I think we actually totally managed it...

What do you think, though?



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