ByDavid Weber, writer at
Superhero movies are my life.
David Weber

Like many superhero movie fans, i'm always trying to figure out the connectivity, the balance between characters.As soon as it was revealed that Bucky assassinated Tony Starks parents, it became clear to many of us that this would be the deciding issue in his rift with Cap.Is this secret Cap holds the reason he could only slightly budge the hammer? Is this the "dark side" Tony referred to as they split wood? I'm sure these questions have been raised in many of our minds.Crossbones may be sent to Wakanda by Zemo to cause more destruction, but what about Martin Freemans "Minister" character? Is this the same minister Ullyses Klauw was speaking to on the phone? Will the destructive events of Thor: Dark World in London play a part? Perhaps this is where we see the registration legislation first be introduced.So many questions.Will the Iron Spider suit be made from Vibranium? Will Vision ( who proved his worthiness in AOU), side with Tony after learning of Caps indiscretions? Will Lady Sif be summoned to London to testify about the Dark World events? Lots to ponder.The anticipation is fantastic!!!


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