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More and more shows today are adopting the anthology format, where each Season depicts a completely different story and set of characters. It's working for the likes of [American Horror Story](tag:206668) and... sort of working for [True Detective](tag:755331), and my best guess is that it will definitely work for Fargo. Are we eventually gonna get to the stage where every TV show adopts this model, and nothing ever leads on to anything? A weird part of me actually kinda hopes so.

I'm genuinely excited to see where [Fargo](tag:1076400) goes in the future. The show has been given enough time to come into its own, and to not worry about being a cool snowy answer to [Breaking Bad](tag:200567). The brilliant anthology format also allows it to experiment and change where needed. If you ever had any reservations or doubts over whether Fargo could take off as a successful show, just check out this full trailer for Season 2!


Fargo is set to be one of the most confident shows on TV, and it's quite pointedly a huge departure from what we were used to in the first season. Here's a list of a few different things you should expect from Season 2 of Fargo!


I'm liking this setting!
I'm liking this setting!

This detail was being thrown around long ago when it was barely even certain if this show would get a second Season. The 1970s setting changes things up a little, because it gives a sense of history and perspective to the world Fargo takes place in. Patrick Wilson is playing Lou Solverson, who is technically the only character returning from the first season. From the above trailer, it seems the timeframe is something Fargo will be hamming up!

What's interesting about the 70s as a setting is that it's nestled right between to binary eras. There's the dreamy optimism of the 60s, and the callous oneupsmanship of the 80s and the America of Ronald Reagan, who incidentally is appearing in the show. Fargo Season 2 will be sure to make use of this uncertain and turbulent time!

More Characters

Patrick Wilson is the lead
Patrick Wilson is the lead

Fargo Season 1 had a decent host of characters, don't get me wrong, but there was still a very clear line between the people who sank into crime, and the cops who went after them. Put simply, you had Lester on one end, and Molly on the other. From what we've seen so far of Fargo Season 2, it seems allegiances will be blurred a little more, with a cast that's branched out considerably, now including Nick Offerman, Kieren Culkin, Kirsten Dusnt and Bruce Campbell of all people! More characters means more chances for chaos and or kooky violent mishaps!

Mob War

With only one movie and one TV show to the name, it's a little tricky to determine just what Fargo is. Funnily enough, it's never included mobsters as primary agents, and I've always appreciated that. It's always cool to see awful crimes potentially committed by regular people. It makes the whole thing more relatable, and maybe a little scary. That's why I'm apprehensive about the mob war storyline taking place in Fargo Season 2, for I would rather the show didn't just become about the big players. Then again, the trailer did end with Patrick Wilson and Ted Danson noticing a shoe in a tree, so I guess there's nothing to worry about.

Jean Smart in Fargo Season 2
Jean Smart in Fargo Season 2

More Humor

There was a certain zaniness to Fargo Season 1, with Lester being completely ill equipped for being a criminal, and Molly's frustration over no one realizing just how right she is all the time. Other than that, the show was pretty straight-laced. Season 2 seems to be changing all that, with almost every character having a slightly bumbling nature. This is especially true for Kirsten Dunst's character, Peggy Blomquist, who's obsessed with self-help rhetoric, and will probably somehow end up murdering someone in the search for betterment.

For more on Fargo, click right here! What are you hoping to see in Fargo Season 2 when it finally comes to screens this October? Share your thoughts with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, and of course, by leaving a comment below!



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