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Young genius Reed Richards has discovered a way to transport objects through time and space to an otherworldly dimension and is recruited by Dr Franklin Storm at the Baxter Institute to help them crack the code to inter-dimensional travel. Along with Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, Sue Storm and Victor Von Doom, Reed embarks on a trip to the other dimension and all are cursed with life altering abilities.

From Chronicle director Josh Trank and the writer of X-Men Days Of Future Past comes one of the most laughable, pitiful and time wasting superhero films we may have ever had.

The bad buzz surrounding the production of the film wasn't wrong, this is a terrible mess. Whilst I don't know whether or not Josh Trank was arriving to set drunk every day like the rumors state, I certainly wouldn't doubt anyone that says he was as this is a terrible effort by Trank who showed promise after he directed the found footage superhero film; Chronicle. We heard that the film had a large amount of re-shoots and it's obvious, mainly because Kate Mara's hair keeps changing color from light brown to bleach blonde. The story feels disjointed and wildly incomplete.

The cast for this film is fantastic! Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell have all impressed me in the past and unfortunately this is some of their worst work to date. The actors have absolutely no chemistry, even Kate Mara and Michael B Jordan who are supposed to be playing siblings, the relationships feel forced. We never get any sense of who these characters are and what they mean to each other, except Ben and Reed who have a few moments in the first hour of the film. I know these actors can all deliver when given the right material, but the dialogue that they're made to deliver isn't good.

We never get an opportunity to learn who these characters are, we understand the basic outlines of the characters, but the film never goes beyond that. Many of the characters feels forced into the story, mainly Johnny (B. Jordan) and Ben (Bell) who have nothing to really offer to the plot, but are forced in there anyway. The Fantastic Four are Marvel's first family yet this team have no bond to each other at all. When the four eventually team up and face Dr Doom (who feels forgotten about for a large portion of the film), there's no drama, I couldn't care less if Dr Doom succeeded in his maniacal plans or not. And speaking of Dr Doom played by Toby Kebbell, this is one of the worst comic book movie villains ever! His powers are completely unexplained, his motivations are incredibly cliche and the character's appearance is laughable.

There's a lack of pacing to Fantastic Four, nothing happens up until around the 1 hour mark and then it really goes nowhere. If you've seen the film's trailer, you know the story. The four get their powers, they don't want them at first, then they fight Dr Doom and they learn to accept their powers. That's the story, that's all there is to this script. This film does nothing beyond what previous Fantastic Four films have already done, just they did it a lot better. That's right, the two Tim Story directed Fantastic Four films that everyone hates....they're both leagues better than this dull reboot. Fantastic Four feels like the pilot episode of a TV show I'm not willing to return to, the film ends with the four of course forming the team and there's promise of a sequel, but this film was so utterly atrocious that I hope that follow up never sees the light of day.

This is one of the worst scripts I've heard in a long time, nonsensical scientific babble, terrible character interactions, lack of story and total abundance of action for the most part makes Fantastic Four an absolute bore. When the action finally arrives, it feels rushed. The finale set in the baron wasteland on 'Planet Zero' feels like a video game, only not as entertaining. Now and again the CGI will look serviceable, but at times, especially on Miles Teller when he's using his stretching powers, the CGI looks worse than it did back in 2005. There's a lack of drama, tension, humor and excitement, this is all just set up, and no payoff whatsoever.

Fantastic Four attempts to be dark and gritty, we heard that Trank was going for a Cronenberg style body horror film in the vein of The Fly, and there's certainly glimpses of that here, but the odd sense of humor and constant attempt to wink at the audience felt distracting and contradicting to the tone that the movie originally tries to attempt.

This is the first absolute disaster of 2015, whilst it might not be entirely unwatchable, it is certainly a train wreck. The pacing's off, the action is lousy and the characters are incredibly underdeveloped, Fantastic Four isn't worth your money or your time.

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