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Probably the most popular Marvel superhero, this web-slinger has been climbing walls and attracting people's attention for quite a while. There have been 2 movie franchises, and are making a third. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland have played the role, but you definitely won't believe some of the people who were almost cast. So, I have found 10 of the craziest castings that almost happened.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Yep, that's right. This famous actor almost added a superhero to his resume. Even though he is a little to old for the role now, he would have been about right for the role when he was younger. But taking that into consideration, I still don't think he would have made a very convincing Peter Parker.

Edward Furlong

A while back, James Cameron had an idea for a Spider-Man movie. But thankfully that never happened, because as well as Furlong playing Spider-Man (which wouldn't have been too bad), Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to play Doctor Octopus. That probably would have been a pretty bad movie.

Taylor Lautner

Ahhhhhh...if you couldn't tell by my 'ahhhhhh', I'm not the biggest fan of the Twilight movies or Taylor Lautner. So I definitely do not think it would have been a very good casting choice.

Michael Cera

Well...this actor definitely has that awkward, nerdy fell to Peter Parker. But, let's be honest, he really doesn't look anything like Spider-Man. And I really don't think he would have been the best fit.

Scott Leva

I know what you are thinking, who is Scott Leva. Well, as well as being a Hollywood stuntman, he was also considered to play Spider-Man. It's hard to tell if he would have been a good one, considering that he has no acting experience for us to judge.

Tom Cruise

As well as being considered for every other role known to man, Tom Cruise was considered for the role. Tom was considered for the role around the same time Scott Leva was. The role would have been very interesting with Tom Cruise, but I am not sure that it would have been the best.

Jake Gyllenhaal

There has been a joke that has been going around for a long time about how much Tobey Maguire and Jake look alike. They even starred in a movie together playing brothers, which was actually called Brothers. But surprisingly enough, Gyllenhaal (that's a mouth full) almost played Spider-Man as well.

Josh Hutcherson

Probably the closest actor on this list to the real age of Peter Parker, Hutcherson was one of few who almost stole the role of Spider-Man from Andrew Garfield. And for me personally, I am glad Garfield managed to get the role. Josh may be a good actor, but he lack the same skill as Andrew does.

James Franco

Yep, that's right. Our Harry Osborn almost played Peter Parker. The role eventually fell to Tobey Maguire of course, but I think that James would have added a certain level of weirdness to the role.

Charlie Sheen

Last, but certainly not least, Sheen has been making his was up on his insanity alone. But years ago, Sheen was a prime candidate for the role as Peter Parker. But I think we are all a little bit happy that he didn't make the cut.


Which actor surprised you the most?


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