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Are they fighting? No, because Zayn wants to do a song with "the biebs". Are Liam and Justin fighting? No, Liam was joking. Harry and Justin are good friends. Louis and Justin are good friends, he can't do anything wrong in Louis his eyes. Niall and Justin are great friends, they even hang out some times. But Zayn and Justin were big friends before. They talked a lot, mostly on the phone. Don't u think Justin might have known he wanted to do other stuff? They defended eachother a lot. So i think they might had trust. Zayn wants to be an Actor and solo singer. What is normal about that? He is already famous, but he can make music when and where he wants. He can choose with who and when. In a Boyband u only make music with your boys. And if it's a 5 Members boyband they can forget about a track featuring a big artist. He was in the biggest boyband in the world. He couldn't go anywhere, he couldn't be alone, he had no privacy. Are the guys still brothers? Yes. Will he forget about his times? No. But can he still do what he wants? Yes. Justin might have know that. And a song Justin Bieber Ft Zayn Malik. Can be 1 great song, like very much views. Same for One Direction Ft Justin Bieber. Boybands don't do that often and if it are 5 people they won't do that ever. But Niall and Justin are great friends, so why not? They would be 5 for 1 more time. That's something Justin, Zayn & One Direction are thinking. Off course it won't happen right now. Maybe Zayn Malik & Justin Bieber make a song for Zayn's Album. That would be epic. Zayn is an R&B Singer with some Hip Hop, that's who he wants to be and it's good. If that can mix with an Electro beat and Pop/R&B Pop Justin Bieber, that song would be epic. Like the new Cody Simpson on a track with Justin Bieber would be epic. I always imagined an album of Justin Like this:

1- Justin Bieber

2- Justin Bieber Ft Kanye West

3- Justin Bieber & Chris Brown Ft Skrillex

4- Justin Bieber

5- Justin Bieber

6- Justin Bieber Ft Tyga

7- Justin Bieber

8- Justin Bieber Ft Lil Wayne, Skrillex & Diplo

9- Justin Bieber Ft 50 Cent & Eminem

10- Justin Bieber

11- Justin Bieber

12- Justin Bieber & Zayn Malik Ft Skrillex & Diplo

13- Justin Bieber Ft Ariana Grande

14- Justin Bieber Ft Selena Gomez

15- Justin Bieber Ft Cody Simpson


16- Justin Bieber (Maria Style)

17- Justin Bieber

I always imagined that. I think he would win a grammy.


Do u Think Justin Bieber & Zayn Malik are going to make a song?


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