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Do you think people started asking this question the very moment the first Transformers was released in theaters back in 2007? Fans who had waited since the 80s to see a live action interpretation of their favorite cartoon likely saw Michael Bay's efforts and thought "well, at least it might be rebooted in ten years!" People like to use Transformers as a sigil for all modern blockbusters, but in a couple years, this stab at adapting a toy will be ten years old!

With Transformers 5 already a thing in the works, and guaranteed to make all the cash in little brown sacks marked with a dollar sign that Michael Bay uses as boxing bags, it's worth asking just what the future of the Transformers Franchise is. When it comes to Transformers 5, could we see a different tactic to before, and beyond that, could we even see a reboot in the future? Here are just a few cool things that could be done with the Transformers Franchise!

Classic Designs

Optimus Prime in the 80s
Optimus Prime in the 80s

Right off the bat, one of the bigger problems with the style of the Michael Bay transformers is the Transformers themselves. Oh sure, they're intricately designed, and appear realistic and functional in the world they exist in, but for audiences, they look like the contents of a Radio Shack got fed through a mincing machine, then had bits of hotwheels stuck to them. Surely fans would prefer the classic blocky and colorful designs.

The only real problem that would come with using these designs would be the CGI used to animate them. Blocky, basic shapes always run the risk of looking weightless on screen, and coupled with the bright colors of the original toys, they could end up looking like just that. Toys.

Better Human Characters

Any movie that's primarily about giant things punching each other runs into the problem of making the tiny human bystanders interesting. Michael Bay's answer to this problem was to make the humans as loud and archetypal as possible. Imagine then if Transformers 5 had a bunch of characters whose stories were genuinely compelling, and didn't make you want to simply see the Transformers again. Better yet, imagine if they simply brought Shia LaBeouf back in his present star persona. In fact, I've already advocated for that in another article!

No Human Characters!

This guy wasn't that big of a problem
This guy wasn't that big of a problem

The idea to simply cut out all human characters from these movies has been around since the start of the series, and plays into my constant desire for a movie with an all-robot cast. Perhaps Transformers 5 would have to cut back just a little on the incomprehensible action if we're to be convinced that this could work in future. No one wants an entire movie that exhausts the eyes and fries the brain. A bigger risk here would be that the live action Transformers movies would stop being live action. With only CGI robots on screen, we'd essentially be watching the animated series once more!

Go Multicultural

Transformers branching out
Transformers branching out

[Transformers: Age of Extinction](tag:206531) made more money than I can comprehend, and that's mostly down to the way the movie pandered to foreign audiences. Sure, it was a little blunt having the Chinese Military suddenly become the most heroic force in the movie, but it would be a nice sentiment if it wasn't entirely motivated by money. How about Transformers 5, or any others in the future, go the extra mile, and make the lead human characters non-Americans from different walks of life? The Transformers may be an American product, but there's nothing explicitly American in their conceit. Why not go the multicultural route and see what happens?

What are your thoughts, hopes and fears for Transformers 5, and do you think the series should reboot? Share your thoughts with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or by leaving a comment below!


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