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There are alot of theories and rumors out there about Jared Leto's Joker. Alot I have scene is to do with these theories are about him being Jason Todd, but what if we've been seeing this the wrong way. What if Jared Leto's Joker is really Tim Drake? Since I've watched both trailers of BVS and Suicide Squad, I have been putting two and two together and hopefully this makes sense to alot of you fans out there. Im not much of a comic book geek, but I do like the Batman and Superman stories and have come up with this theory to do with BVS and the Suicide squad.

Okay... How many of you have scene the animated film Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker? For these who have, remember this scene?

Tim Drake is kidnapped on patrol when he mistakenly "saved" a girl. He soon finds out it was Harley that he saved and knocks him out with that big hammer she carries. Now Batman and Batgirl soon realize that Tim is missing and go on the search for 3 weeks, which is nearly a month. But one night Batman and Batgirl finds a clue, that is left by The Joker and tells them Tim is at the Asylum....Arkham Asylum! Batman discovers, that The Joker tortured (stay with me here) and made Tim Drake, formerly known as Robin: The Boy Wonder into a Joker Jr.

These images here from the TV show of The Batman, Show The Joker torturing Tim Drake into becoming Joker Jr.

Later on, as Joker and Batman fight, Joker gets the upper hand on Batman. The Joker sees Joker Jr, and decides to let him get the final kill on Batman. As it might seem that Tim will shoot Batman, Tim turns the gun and shoots The Joker.

The Joker is shot and dies. Then Tim breaks down due to him killing The Joker and the torture he went through.

Then we see Batgirl comforts him and then Barbara Gordon, in the future telling the story tells Terry (The current Batman) that her dad (James Gordon) kept it a secret and they hid the body beneath Arkham Asylum. She tells him Tim was determined to make it on his own and he got a good job, a wife and some kids.

BUT. What if in the DC Film Universe, Tim Drake can't handle himself, and Bruce and Barbara think he should be locked up in Arkham Asylum, and is a major threat to the people of Gotham. As the man they once knew (Tim Drake) was gone forever and that locked away for good.

Alot of you here may think, why would I think that? and why could that happen in the DC Film Universe? Well.... This is where the Batman Vs Superman second trailer comes into play.

See this???

Bruce looking at Robin's Suit.
Bruce looking at Robin's Suit.

We see Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) looking up to the Robin suit. On the suit, we see 'HAHAHA, JOKES ON YOU BATMAN' over the Robin suit. What if, while Joker tortures Robin (Tim Drake) he writes this as a message to Batman, making him feel responsible for what happened to Tim and making him live with that pain and torture for the rest of his life, knowing he let one for his greatest allies, turn from good to evil, at the hands of his greatest enemy.

Now... Here's my back up for this.

See This???

Bruce talking to Alfred.
Bruce talking to Alfred.

In this scene for the trailer, we see Bruce talking to Alfred. He goes onto say this:

Bruce Wayne: Twenty years in Gotham... how many good guys are left? How many stayed that way? (Reference to Tim Drake, turning into the Joker?)

[looks at Robin's costume]

The Joker: [graffiti on the costume] Ha ha ha, joke's on you Batman!

Now that to me is could be a reference to that story line from the TV show, that Jared Leto's Joker could be Tim Drake as Joker Jr.

Here is more Back Up for my theory, that Jared Leto's Joker could be Tim Drake.

Now... stay with me here, I'm going to rumble your heads and minds here. This is where I'm going to ink those scenes (Above) , with the scenes in the Suicide Squad Trailer.

See Theses???

Jared Leto's Joker torturing Harley.
Jared Leto's Joker torturing Harley.
Harley being tortured by The Joker.
Harley being tortured by The Joker.

With the pictures above, showing the scene between The Joker and Harley, we see him make his full debut in the trailer, and from what we can see, he is torturing Harley. This is where I got thinking when he says:

Oh I'm not going to kill you...I'm just gonna hurt yah...really..really..bad.

Could Joker Jr (Tim Drake) escape from Arkham , with the help of Harley? We all know from the Arkham Games, that Harley worked there. What if she was twisted by Joker Jr and sets him free? After that, Joker Jr plans to torture Harley, just like he was tortured by the REAL Joker. With the mind of the REAL Joker, inside Tim's head, he turns Harley into something like him. This makes a perfect reference to the TV show scenes (Above) of The Joker torturing Tim Drake as Robin, to become Joker Jr. What if both trailers were meant to link together for this story line? What if this part of the film is where The Joker turns Harley from good to bad, before joining with the rest of the Suicide Squad.

Plus.... There's this

Batman on Joker's Car
Batman on Joker's Car

We see this scene in the Suicide Squad Trailer, that Batman makes a cameo in the film. What if this scene is to do with Joker Jr (Tim Drake) escaping Arkham and Bruce has find out that he has escaped, with the help of Harley, and is now on the chase to stop Tim, from doing what the REAL Joker was capable of.

To me, this would be a perfect story line for the DC Film Universe, and yeah, I know alot of you out there are wishing that Jared Leto's Joker is Jason Todd. But tbh, I really wouldn't mind if Jared Leto's Joker is Tim Drake for this moment in time with the DC Film Universe, and later on bring Jason Todd into the universe as Red Hood.

What are your thoughts guys?

Thanks for reading :)


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