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As I'm sure most of you are aware, Daniel Craig will once again be donning a perfectly tailored suit to play James Bond in the upcoming film Spectre in what will most likely be his penultimate outing as 007. This means that Bond 25 will see the end to a hugely successful era both critically and commercially and as one door slowly begins to close another one opens. Although many names have been rumored to replace Craig (Henry Cavill, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender to name a few), one name has been at the forefront of every forum, debate and article dedicated to the decision; Idris Elba. In this article, I will be offering 4 reasons why the London born Elba is the perfect candidate to take on the mantle of James Bond.

Ticks all the boxes:

To play the role of James Bond, one first needs to be able to meet a few basic requirements. Characteristics such as height, build, age and looks all need to meet the criteria. Idris Elba fits all of these comfortably. At 6''2 with a stocky build, he certainly has the physical presence to carry the role. While at 42, he is at the Goldilocks age where he isn't too young but also not too old meaning he could easily play the globetrotting spy for 3 or 4 installments. And finally looks; Well, I think I'll let the picture below speak for itself........

2 Bonds for the price of 1:

One of the few criticisms leveled at Craig in relation to his portrayal of James Bond is that for all his grittiness and despondency which hadn't been seen since Connery's era, some of the charm and charisma had been lost along the way thus leaving some fans disappointed. This you would feel would not be the case if Elba was given the role. With a swagger and charm on and off screen that very few can match, Idris would have no problem expressing the misogynistic tendencies that 007 is famous for while also having the versatility to enable him to carry any darker or emotionally powerful moments that may lay before him.

Been there, done that!:

One of the key elements Idris Elba has over many of the other candidates who are also in pursuit of this most coveted of roles is his experience at playing a hard-nosed and unconventional British detective in the hit BBC crime drama Luther. Granted, going from a detective who usually takes on drug dealers and murderers within London to a globetrotting world famous super spy is a sizable jump but what his role in Luther does is give the producers of the Bond franchise a potential insight into what their next 007 might look like which no other noteworthy contender (apart from Benedict Cumberbatch who played Sherlock Holmes) can lay claim to.

Lets Suit up!

Probably the most fundamental aspect that any James Bond wannabe absolutely has to have within their repitiore is without a doubt the ability to be able to pull off a suit or tuxedo. If you don't look dapper as F**k in a black tailored suit with a matching dickey-bow or tie then that should immediately deem you too unfit to play James Bond even if you matched every bit of criteria perfectly before then! This is no such problem for big Idris! He indeed looks dapper as F**k!


After reading over this article, I am now even more convinced than ever that Idris Elba is the most well equipped candidate to take over the reigns of James Bond from Daniel Craig. From his statuesque physique and his rugged good looks to his versatility and charm, and not to mention his tuxedo wearing abilities! There is no doubt in my mind that the next James Bond should be the first Black James Bond! Who do you think should be the next 007? Let me know in the comments below.......


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