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Recently, popular Youtube artist Shane Dawson released a video where he came out as bisexual. Before this announcement he'd been in a long term relationship with Youtuber Lisa Schwartz ( aka Lisbug ), and after the public notice both made very well done videos discussing the subsequent breakup but their continued care and support for each other.

Here's the video that started the spiral:

Of course he got the expected homophobic backlash that he'd grown accustomed to long before he announced being officially anything other than heterosexual. But what he got even more of was an overwhelming amount of love and support, not just from fans but the Youtube community as a whole. And in light of many discussions about the place of Bisexuals (and whether Biphobia exists - Spoiler: it does) in the LGBT community, this is something to be celebrated!

Of course, Shane isn't the first Youtuber in the public spotlight to come out to their audience and the world as a whole. Beauty Guru Ingrid Nilsen has also come out as Lesbian to her followers. The overwhelming love and acceptance she received, despite up until that point coming across as a typical beauty-talented heterosexual woman, is showing the growing amount of support the internet and public is showing young LGBT people. And she also blows the stereotype out of the water that girls only look good and put on makeup for men!

After stepping out into the world as an out lesbian, Ingrid was welcomed with open arms by creator of "My Drunk Kitchen" and out Lesbian, Hannah Hart.

And when you see who some of the top trending Youtubers are, you'd be surprised by the amount of love given to out and proud members of the LGBT community!

Such as Joey Graceffa:

And beauty and life guru Gigi Gorgeous:

And so I'll leave you with this, where Jenna Marbles in her typical humor goes to show you shouldn't judge anyone by their appearance and love them for who they are:

Were you surprised by any Youtubers who have come out? Who are your favorite Youtube creators?


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