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Welcome Ladies and gentleman! Here on my page, at least for the time being, you will get some of the latest news on superhero movies/TV shows. Few things you should know about me: I am a big fan of the Teen Titans(today's topic) and am currently watching the show "Arrow" and soon would like to get into "Daredevil". Today's concern: TNT's "Titans".

I grew up watching the Teen Titans on Cartoon Network, and was a big fan of the show. I have always been a big fan of Robin, leader of the Titans. I am glad they are trying to make this a Live Action TV show, but they are doing terrible at it, so far. I can't criticize that much though, for no episodes have been released yet. I am excited for it, but so far they have not given us very much information concerning the show.

TNT was pushing for the show to be released by the end of summer, which is not going to happen. Fall now seems more likely, I would say October. The show, though, is not entirely what I, personally would like it to be. I am still going to watch it don't get me wrong, but I would love to see more of the iconic characters implemented into the show.

Dick Grayson, Raven, and Starfire are going to be in the show, alongside a couple others, but where is Cyborg or Beast Boy? Who doesn't want a shape-shifting beast and a futuristic Human/Robot who has a cannon for an arm in their show? I'm excited for the show, but add these characters, it will bring in so many more viewers.

I am excited for the show but would like more. What about you? Let me know in the comments below!!


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