ByAdesh Williams, writer at

It’s hardly surprising that Benedict Cumberbatch is pumped to star in Doctor Strange. The hugely popular thespian, who has had a pretty stellar last 18 months, beat out a cavalcade of other actors to land the role. In fact at one point it had almost become farcical how long it had taken Marvel to cast the film. The likes of Tom Hardy, Keanu Reeves and Joaquin Phoenix were all heavily linked to Doctor Strange. The latter seemed to have been a shoe-in during the summer, too. However, either Joaquin Phoenix dropped out or Marvel decided that Benedict Cumberbatch was a better fit for the quirky but complex part. Then, last month, it became clear that he would be starring in the film, but Marvel only confirmed he would take the titular role last week.

But is Benedict Cumberbatch right for Doctor Strange? Almost certainly yes. While there had previously been a few issues regarding whether he was actually a big enough name to star in the film, his Hollywood status has grown exponentially over the last couple of months. This has been mostly down to his work in The Imitation Game, which has been roundly lauded by critics and audiences alike. Benedict Cumberbatch is a shoe-in for at least an Oscar nomination at the start of next year, while there have even been suggestions that he is currently the favorite to pick up the coveted accolade at the ceremony in February.


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