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Back in the olden days of arcades (and thankfully now as well, thanks to my local barcade, eighty-two) I had plenty of "favorite" machines, but one of my staples for multiplayer was Gauntlet's original arcade edition. The dungeon-crawling fantasy elements were pretty important to those of us that grew up in the time of the 80's and 90's medieval fantasy movie heyday. While many of us broke off to play Dungeons and Dragons to fufill our high fantasy needs, my crop of friends opted for the seemingly endless fun of trying to get through as many stages as possible in Gauntlet.

Now, in response to demand from both PC and console gamers after the 2014 PC-based remake of the legendary title, that endless fun is back and ready for more action than ever.

Releasing on August 11th, Gauntlet: Slayer Edition brings back everything players loved about the game's revival, combines it with the iconic staples of the original game, then beefs up the whole package with new options for customization, abilities, and much more for players to explore.

One of the key new items, which was personally requested by Gauntlet's fan community, is that element of endless play. In Slayer Edition's new Endless Mode, players are challenged to get through as many generated levels as possible without kicking the bucket. With four primary character options, players can decide on whether they want to go with heavy-hitting melee tactics as the Valkyrie, long-range archery as the Elf, legendary magic with the Wizard, or an all-out hand-to-hand brawl as the Warrior.

Your heroes come with customization features that you can simultaneously apply to the party, or individually. From helmets to capes, each item helps characters by upgrading specific features and advantages. Another stand-out feature is the inclusion of hard-hitting potion abilities that are strong enough to turn the tide of an entire game. These particular abilities come in handy when one's entire party gets knocked out, and a mob of monsters (now with enhanced visuals and a much more unpredictable set of behavioral changes) happens to be closing in on one character.

What's more, PC gamers who previously purchased the 2014 edition of the game need not worry about paying for the upgrade -- it's totally free for them, and a quick $19.99 for PS4 players looking to get in on the fun.

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition releases for PS4 and PC on August 11th. Stay tuned for our review next week!


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