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Hello guys!

I'm back for some more LEGO® stuff. This time it is going to be about LEGO® Marvel's Avengers.

The release date is set to January 26 2016 for the US and January 29 2016 for Europe.

The game is about the Avengers of cause. Some of the levels in the game is about Battle of New York and some Ultron stuff.

Some footage from the game has been released and a trailer for the game too.

First we are going to take a look at the trailer:

What did you think?

I think it was absolutely awesome, I love how the showcased Ultron.

Now over to some characters that has been announced.

Captain America (Sam Wilson)

First out we have Falcon in the Cap suit, because he was Captain America for a short time in the comics.

Iron Stan

Stan Lee in his own Iron Man suit. I absolutely love it, and with the mustache that make's it so funny.

Ms. America

Nothing special about her.


He reminds me about The Punisher from LEGO® Marvel Superheroes a bit. He is just a guy with a rifle.

Iron Man (Hulkbuster)

I love that it is build with LEGO bricks and it looks absolutely awesome.

Iron Stan (Stanbuster)

He looks so freaking cool, with the pen and everything.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

I must say that they a better job on Bruce in this game, because in LEGO® Marvel Superheroes he looks awful. And the Hulk's new green color just makes it better.

Ms. Marvel

This is Ms. Marvel in her classic outfit. I like the colors on this suit.


Well I must say that they have done an incredible job with this character.

Thor (Jane Foster)

As some of you know there is a new Thor in town and her name is Jane Foster and I must say she looks beautiful.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

She is back, and she got her self a pair of ears.

Well that was everything for this time.

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See You Later Alligator!


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