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August seemed to be a bit of a slower month for good movie trailers, at least for me. There was a whole lot that was released but little that caught my eye. It seems that the bulk of the movies that looked enjoyable for me were the simple action flick or a few feel-good comedy/dramas.

But I scrounged up six movie trailers that I thought looked like they'll be a lot of fun or entertaining at the least. Check them out!

1. The Last Witch Hunter (October 23, 2015)

I think this movie looks like a total blast! It's not an adaptation of anything, or a remake. It's an original thought that looks to just purely entertain. It reminds me of what was great about the first Underworld with it's dark themes, yet it somehow blends a very welcoming and not-so-out-of-place humor. To me, it looks like Vin Diesel is trying to set himself up for another franchise besides Riddick. So, think of it that way: Riddick meets Underworld.

On top of having Vin Diesel in the lead role, this film has some amazing supporting actors like Michael Cain and Elijah Wood. But despite it's cast and it's dark, fantasy environment, it just looks like it will provide non-stop entertainment in the theaters.

This is a must-see for me.

2. The Hateful Eight (December 25, 2015)

There's been a lot of buzz circling Quentin Tarantino's new movie - The Hateful EIght - for quite sometime now. After releasing the critically acclaimed Django Unchained, I think people have been waiting to see what Mr. Tarantino has in store for us next.

I love a good western film and honestly, there just aren't enough of them these days and it's nice to see that Tarantino is putting something out that's different (though to be fair, he always creates "different" movies). The cast in this movie is an amazing one as well, especially to see Kurt Russel in a movie! I can't even remember the last time I saw Kurt Russel in a movie so this will be a nice treat.

This trailer definitely highlights some very good moments from the movie it seems or highlights moments leading up to events that are going to have us on the edge of our seats, laughing and/or cringing.

I cannot wait for this movie to be released.

3. Victor Frankenstein (November 25, 2015)

I've been following this movie with some interest for a little bit now. I love both James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe and I feel that this pair of actors could really deliver something very promising. Judging from the trailer of Victor Frankenstein both actors won't have any problem delivering a very entertaining story.

This film looks to capture both the dark and eerie about Victor Frankenstein while simultaneously mixing moments of a lighter tone or quick banter to make the whole thing an easier pill to swallow. Every actor in here both main and supporting are a welcome addition.

If I were describe this movie in terms of style, it almost has the same flavor that Robert Downey Jr's Sherlock Holmes did with it's old-world feel mixed with great visual effects and action.

4. Ashby (September 25, 2015)

I love the feel of this movie. The comedy seems right up my alley with it's more subtle approach and not obnoxiously loud slapstick. It looks like a perfect blend of comedy and drama (with a few moments of action I suppose). Nat Wolff is really finding himself in Hollywood it would seem and this looks like another good film to have under the belt.

Nat is joined by Mickey Rourke, Sarah Silverman, and Emma Roberts and everyone (especially Mickey) looks to be playing off the main character, as well as each other, very well.

This coming of age type story is the kind that I like to watch often when I'm feeling up for it. I was the tall, unusually skinny kid in high-school and I didn't have very many friends (but that's because I didn't go to a traditional high-school, so that's not completely on me), I didn't really get a real girlfriend until I met my wife in 2008, when I was starting my senior year.

This movie looks like it'll get you right in the feels though and I'm definitely excited to sit down on the couch with my wife and watch it.

5. Love the Coopers (November 13, 2015)

It's been a while since we've been given an fun Christmas movie it seems and this new one looks like a real heart-warmer. It's got a terrific cast ranging from actors like John Goodman and Diane Keaton to Olivia Wilde and Ed Helms, with plenty of other great actors and actresses in-between.

This is the second "feel-good" movie on the list and you know, sometimes that happens when putting these lists together: you may have an influx of one genre of film while lacking in another.

But I am excited to see this film and it looks like good wholesome fun. I may just have to take my wife on a Christmas date alone to see this movie together.

6. The Iron Giant (limited release Sep 30/Oct 4)

The Iron Giant is director, Brad Bird's first feature film in debut in 1999 and it was obviously a major hit since it has gotten a re-release for next month for one night (September 30) as well as getting an encore showing the following month (October 4).

It is also actor, Vin Diesal's third film aside from playing Rick in Strays and Private Carpazo in Saving Private Ryan. Somewhere between 1997 and 1999, someone started paying attention to the fact that Vin Diesel had a unique voice that would work well for the lovable Iron Giant (odd to think that he plays so many tough roles on top of that). I believe that it's because of this movie and Vin Diesel's performance in it, that he even got the role in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, where he played another lovable giant (only this time made of wood).

This is a classic in animation film and one of the last good 2D animated movies before people started polluting the market with CGI/3D animated movies...thanks Shrek.

I don't know if we'll make it to the theater for this one, considering it's limited release window, but I'll definitely have to get this on blu-ray for my daughter as this is forever going to be a classic.


There you have it! So, what movie trailer did you enjoy the most that would be on your top top trailers for the month of August? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!


Which of the 6 movies are you most interested in?


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