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Baldwin Collins

it's official in a media report recently, will smith and martin Lawrence will reprise their screen detective characters Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey in a third & 4th installment movies of 'Bad boys', fans of the first film (1995) remember the Storyline About them securing a large sum of seized Heroin Valued at about $100 million dollars, Stolen from a police Vault, Which leads to suspicion that it was an inside job carried out by corrupt police officers, our two dynamic duo and the rest of their Narcotics police division has five days to recover the drugs, or face a shut- down of their division.

However this film was a box office hit back then, directed by Michael bay produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer and screenplay by Michael Barrie Jim Mulholland and Doug Richardson. a film Budget of $19 million Box office $141.4 million. release date april 7 (1995)

The sequel ' Bad boys 2 ' opened to Negative reviews back in (2003) which still never stopped the film from being a success, the sequel's storyline carried on Event's from the first film, with the two Detectives Burnett and Lowrey still working in the Narcotics Division, Investigating again the flow of Highly potent Drugs in Miami. this film's Budget was $130 million and the Box office $ 273.3 million making the film's franchise profitable

So why take so long in planning a third & 4th installment films ? Do you believe making these installments at this time is worth while ?


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