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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on TV right now. It’s a favorite of mine and one of the reasons why I watch the show is to see the walkers, also known as the zombies. Every season, special effects makeup artist (and executive producer) Greg Nicotero and his team create zombies that are even more terrifying and grotesque than the ones featured on previous seasons.

There are three levels of zombie makeup: The first level is Hero, these are featured walkers that are completely made over from head to toe. The second level, Midground, are walkers who get highlights and shadows on the face but do not get their featured closeup to the camera to require full makeup. Finally the third level are Deep Background, these are walkers who often wear masks and are only used as a backdrop.

Every walker that is featured on the show goes through “zombie school” where they are taught to behave and move like zombies. As viewers can see, the school has a high success rate. With even more creative and disgusting looking zombies on the way for Season 6, let’s take a look at 10 of the best walkers from Seasons 1-5 of The Walking Dead.

Season 1

1. The Little Walker Girl

She's the first walker that we meet in the prologue before the opening credits. When Rick first sees her, he thinks he's found someone that he could help, only to end up putting the little, undead girl down for good.

2. Bicycle Girl

Upon waking up and escaping the hospital, this is first walker Rick sees. Obviously he's in a state of shock upon seeing her and he later comes back and puts her out of her misery. In The Walking Dead web series Torn Apart, we learn the backstory of the bicycle walker and how she came to be.

Season 2

3. Water Well Walker

This nasty fella was stuck in a well and poor Glenn was sent down in an attempt to get the walker out. As you can see, the group's plan failed and this was the last straw for Glenn to stand up for himself.

4. Sophia

After a fed up and rather crazed Shane decides to unlock Hershel's barn which held his undead family, friends, and strangers, Sophia makes her surprising and sad return as it's revealed that during her separation from the group, she was bitten and has turned. While the group guns down the rest of the barn's undead inhabitants, it is Rick who gives Sophia the coup de grâce.

Season 3

5. Crispy Burnt Walkers

One of Milton's actions in standing up to the Governor was to burn the walkers that had been captured for Woodbury. These things are burnt, crispy, and still grotesquely kicking.

6. Michonne's Pets

They're introduced right at the end of Season 2, but we get better looks at them this season and they're downright nasty. No jaws, no arms, and they keep their owner smelling like the dead instead of the living? I'd say those are the perfect guard dogs.

Season 4

7. Tree Walker

While on their stroll through the forest, Carl and Herschel come upon this walker who's decomposing and becoming a part of nature. Herschel persuades Carl not to kill the harmless walker, as it's not getting back up anytime soon.

8. The Sand Walker

Poor Meghan. She's just doing what kids do, playing in the mud by the river and having a blast, but alas, this is the zombie apocalypse and kids don't get to have fun. Enter the walker, performing its own twisted version of 'Pop Goes The Weasel' to dash Meghan's fun and snuff out her life.

Season 5

9. Soggy Walker

After meeting the cowardly Father Gabriel, part of the group, lead by Rick, heads to a nearby Food Bank to gather supplies. Of course nothing is easy as the place is partially flooded by water and by walkers, and this soggy fellow is one of their members.

10. Melted Walkers

Undead human flesh that was welded to the concrete by sun? That's a new definition of road kill.

Honorable mentions

Nurse Walker

All it takes for this walker to be creepy is her opening her eyes to let you know she's still kicking.

Prison Guard Walker

Before the group took hold of the prison, they had to kill a lot of walkers like this one. This walker's face has become glued to his mask so when Rick puts them down it's even more gross and cool.

There are many more disgusting walkers to come on The Walking Dead and I look forward to watching them bite and scratch the living in addition to being put down in a variety of awesome ways.


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