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Experienced but young cast? Check. A large budget to make the comic books come to life? Check. A director experienced with big budgets and superheroes? Well, Chronicle ticks one box.

10 years ago, the comic book group known as the Fantastic Four came to the silver screen under the direction of Tim Story. Despite making more than triple its budget, the movie was received negatively by most critics and the sequel was panned even further. Fast forward to present day and Josh Trank has been tasked with the reboot, and according to recent reviews since the movies release within this week, he has unfortunately not been successful.

When Trank was originally attached to the project, various people praised the fact that he wanted to be more grounded when producing the film, and compared to the original in 2005, in my opinion was a very smart choice. However, it seems to have backfired slightly. Critics have complained that the film focused to much on the character development and not on the Fantastic Four as a team of superheroes.

Now, this is a point in which reboots have problems. This has been identified in the endless stream of Spider-man movies; Marvel have rectified this since but coverage of the origin story has become saturated. Fantastic Four has been faced with the same situation, even if it has been a different, more emotional take on the story.

I have yet to see the film myself but I believe it will still surpass the quality of the previous entries to the series. All of the cast members have experience and the acting skill to give depth to these characters yet still be entertaining. Trank has proven himself to create a high quality superhero film, and that was a budget 10% of that Fox has put into the Fantastic Four. My advice, if you are thinking of seeing this film, have an open mind. Take the film as it is and remember it can learn from its mistakes. The series has a future in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe, it just needs the perfect balance.

This post is based on opinion and interpretation of critics, there will be conflict.


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