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Spider-Man fans everywhere rejoiced when word came out that his first solo movie under Marvel Studios will NOT include an origin story. We all know how it happens. Spider-Man has been in existence in the MCU as far as we know since the events of Ant-Man where he gets referenced at the end of the movie:

"We have a guy who can jump. A guy who can swing. A guy who can crawl up walls."

At this point we can assume two things. He is Spider-Man at this point, meaning everything that falls under his origin story has transpired. The second thing we can assume is that the spider biting him just happened very recently and the full origin story hasn't happened yet behind the scenes. I have thought of an interesting way to present part of Spider-Man's origins without having to present it in his movie. The part that I would like to present is the infamous death of Uncle Ben.

Why do we wanna go through this AGAIN?!?!

The death of Uncle Ben is very crucial to the Spider-Man story. I would assume 95% of Spider-Man fans would hate to see Uncle Ben get killed for the third time in 15 years. But, what if this part of the Spider-Man story gets presented in a way that may not even fully involve Spider-Man himself? The screenwriters for the new Spider-Man recently said that they would not revisit an origin story for the movie. It also certainly won't be featured in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) where Spider-Man is to first appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So let's say Marvel still wants to present the origin story or even part of it, where would they be able to fit that in?


Season Two of Daredevil

How could this be presented in Daredevil?

There's two ways it could be presented. Let's get the first way out of the way since it would only be a sort of easter egg. Since Matt Murdock can't see, his other senses are heightened. That includes hearing. Daredevil could be standing on a rooftop, just hearing the sounds of the city. The sounds go in and out but what if his heightened hearing "catches" the murder of Uncle Ben? Daredevil hears a gunshot, followed by Marisa Tomei's (the new Aunt May) voice screaming "BEN!!" And that's it; the murder of Uncle Ben in a ten second scene.

Our new Aunt May
Our new Aunt May


Make it an episode-long side-plot without having to really feature Tom Holland's Peter Parker. Just include Marisa Tomei as Aunt May. The character of Uncle Ben doesn't have to be seen, just like how in Ant-Man, no one has seen the face of Janet (the Wasp) yet. Imagine this as an opening scene:

Matt and Foggy are about to close up the office and then a woman walks in. We don't see her face yet, but we hear her talk about how her husband was murdered, how there is a suspect in custody, and how she wants representation in court. After more details are shared, Matt and Foggy agree to represent her in court. Before she walks out, they ask her what her name is. She then walks out to where we can see her and says, "May, May Parker."

That would be an insane opening scene. I then picture the rest of the episode going like this:

  • Aunt May mentions throughout how rough this has been on her nephew (Peter [He won't be name-dropped]).
  • As the court proceedings progress, Matt and Foggy start to believe that the suspect is being framed, while May disagrees.
  • After a short trial and due to lack of evidence, the jury declares the suspect as innocent.
  • May explodes on Matt and Foggy for not trying hard enough and for "helping" a "guilty" man go free.
  • Matt starts his own investigation as Daredevil to find Ben's killer as he feels he owes it to May to bring her peace.
  • He uses his heightened hearing to hear cops talk about how they are pursuing a new suspect in the Ben murder and he begins his pursuit.
  • After getting sidetracked by this season's unknown threat, he arrives at the warehouse where the new suspect is holed up.
  • He finds the suspect, hanging upside down by what appears to be spider webs, mumbling to himself about a "spider man".
  • The suspect is found guilty on numerous charges and May apologizes to Matt and Foggy and tells them how her nephew feels at peace knowing that Ben's killer has been brought to justice.
  • Lastly, Matt starts a private investigation on this "spider man", only to drop it when he witnesses a mugging being stopped by a person drenched in the shadows, realizing that New York needs more heroes.

I don't know about you, but I think this would be an amazing episode with an interesting new take on the murder of Uncle Ben. It presents a crucial part of Spider-Man's origin without really having to use Spider-Man.

Lastly, this is my first ever post for Moviepilot so thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to comment on how my article writing could improve or if it's great already! It would be much appreciated.

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Should Uncle Ben's murder be presented in Daredevil as an easter egg, a full-blown episode or have you had enough of it and want it to be skipped completely?


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