ByBrian Hafner, writer at

I, like many others, am all for safety and the ability to know the extent of someone's abilities may provide a little more of that safety,but your argument had the same tone as the government gave after 9/11 when they past the Patriot Act and took our rights out from under us. In the country today, a person can be locked up for life without a trial and the government just has to say the word terrorist and you're never heard from again. This Registration Act has much the same ring to it. The law was past without it being put to a vote by the people who this will directly affect in an effort to control these people and make them do what the government wants,when they want, or else they get labeled a danger to the public and locked away for no other reason than someone is afraid. So,yes, I was on the Iron Man side initially, likening the registration to that of registering a firearm, but this article made me see that these are people and although this law may have been enacted with good intentions, the truth is there is too much opportunity for abuse that can and will happen. Go team Cap


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