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There were alot of theories about The Joker. Who was Joker before he even became Joker? What was is name before he became Joker? So many questions but no knows exactly but there is a brilliantly well-made Fan Film about what I call "The man behind The Joker" that was based on DC comics in Joker Origins.

The movie is named "Joker Rising" and its the time when drugs were always in sale (DONT DO DRUGS ITS BAD FOR YOU) and gangs were forming also people getting killed and so on and so forth. Anyway, Dylan Hobbs Plays a newbie drug gangsta named Cyrus (never mentioned last name) who only needed money (whats the point everyone needs money its called greed). His new partner puts in a good word to the superviser saying he save him from getting shot over drugs and money.

So drug business was (sadly) because of Cyrus's hard work, but wealth and power doesn't last forever. One mess up its was only a warnin and a consideration of elimination. Cyrus was on the edge of self control he has his own guilts of ever sin he had commited when he work on a payable job thats illeagal , but he only realizes its only business nothing more. But he then he found what he didnt realize was someone who truely understands him (and her name was also Harley what is with men with a blond obsession!!!)

He had to keep is relationship with Harley a secret for it will be Hell once its out

<It was is partner Who knew and Told is boss about it then turned Cyrus into The Joker by killin is girl. Cyrus swore revenge by ridding every drug lord gangs even his former boss (I LOVE JOKER HES A HERO>

heres a trailer to visualize your self

if you want to watch the movie eres the link

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