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Matilda Zetaic

So who else is freaking out about PLL ??

I can’t even chlose my eyes without thinkig about Charles and all the theories that I been reading and making ....but after 6 yeares of waiting I think that I’m not only one who is freaking out ..

Face to face with -A , I just hoping that this is not som kind of joke ...

In last two episodes my theory changed and now I think that Alex is not -A but I don’t think that Wren is -A too because that is just too easy for guess....

I been watching all -A theories that I could find and they are pretty awesome so one of the fans made theory that Charles is Caleb even that sounds crazy and I really don’t want to see him taking of black mask because I am a big HALEB fan I belive that Caleb is chlose to A in some way ....but who know’s ?

SUMMER FINALE of the Pretty Little Liars is going to be Awesome and I can’t wait for that moment when A take of his mask.......


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