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20th Century Fox released their much anticipated trailer for 2016's Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds. I, amongst some, aren't entirely sure of what to make of one of Marvel's more modern characters and whether he's a character that can last for over an hour and a half on a cinema screen.

When I heard they were taking a different direction with Deadpool after his brief feature in the not very well received X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I was a little hesitant. My hesitation being that there is only so many penis and fiesta jokes that a film, let alone a comic book hero, can have. And with this worry in mind I had it in my head that the movie was going to be a total barf fest. Deadpool is character that not everyone loves, you either love him or totally hate him and I can see why in both feelings towards Deadpool. The concept of Deadpool is extremely cool and on paper sounds like a total badass, with superhuman healing, strength, agility, reflexes and a master of close quarters combat with his weapons of choice, two samurai swords. But when reading some of the comics, he just begins to irritate me with his excessive jackass jokes, however that may be down to some poor writing and not the actual character itself.

And so when I see that Fox have released their explicit red banded trailer after hearing some great buzz from the people who saw it already at Comic Con, I immediately checked it out. What this trailer did, was prove that Deadpool isn't a total cocky jackass but someone who seems to have suffered a pretty traumatic experience in the events leading up to his eventual transformation into Deadpool, and someone who kicks some serious butt.

Putting my doubts aside regarding the movie itself, this trailer was great. A perfect blend between comedy and over the top comic action, and emotion. What's great about what Fox did as well, was their jab at their previous superhero flick that had Ryan Reynolds starring as Hal Jordan in The Green Lantern (2011). When he says "Please don't make the super-suit green. Or animated." it achieves a great marketing technique. Laughing at their own disastrous movie really shows that they listened to the fans and already creates a likeable personality in Deadpool. This trailer established if you hadn't guessed already that the movie does fit into the new X-Men universe in some way. With Deadpool fighting what looks to be Colossus, really gets me excited to see this movie as Fox are really pumping out some fantastic X-Men movies recently.

What this trailer did was make the members of the audience who are sitting on the fence like myself, become excited and anticipate a great superhero movie. And it did. After watching the trailer my doubts about the movie are gone and I'm intrigued and excited with what Fox and the director Tim Miller do with the character of Deadpool.

Please go check this trailer out, although I do warn you it does contain a few horrific head shots and a few F bombs. Deadpool, you have my attention.


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