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Many actors will go to serious lengths for a role. We've seen everything from total makeovers to hair removal; from weight loss to gaining muscle mass. That dedication is one of the reasons why we love the actors that we do, because they can capture our attentions with their portrayal of the characters and leave us feeling that we were truly with them in that show or film. It all adds to the believability of their performance.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor known for several incredible characters, has that ability to draw us into his performances. He's played everything from a doctor battling biological warfare in The Burning Zone, an angst-riddled father in Supernatural, a heart transplant patient in Grey's Anatomy, a cigar smoking anti-hero in Watchmen, the leader of a ragtag group of soldiers in The Losers and even a soon to be murdered Thomas Wayne in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

All of these roles have been huge to Morgan's career, each leading him into more diverse roles, ultimately bringing him the chance to play Deaf Smith in the History Channel's mini-series Texas Rising.

Texas Rising is a story based on the Texas Revolution against Mexico and the creation of the Texas Rangers. The mini-series had a star-studded cast including Bill Paxton, Ray Liotta, Brendan Fraser, Chad Michael Murray, Kris Kristofferson, Jeff Fahey, Robert Knepper, Thomas Jane and many more.

Deaf Smith, a Texas backwoodsman with tuberculosis, would require Morgan to go to extreme lengths to bring him to life. Morgan began his own weight loss program of one can of tuna each day.

ONE CAN OF TUNA, Seriously?!

Morgan started getting into character before the show was filming, but he lost the majority of his weight, over 40 pounds, while filming. Dropping from a weight of 175 to nearly 130 while filming the miniseries truly added to the character he was playing, and by the end of the shoot Morgan refused to even look at Tuna again.

I got there and I was probably about 175, I left I was about 135. I ate a can of tuna fish a day. I did it in the most unhealthy way I could. I didn’t consult with a doctor or anything. We had said maybe we should lose, like, 10 pounds and then I just kept going and going. And by the end of the movie I just looked like hell.



Would you eat a can of tuna a day to play a role like this?


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