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30 years after the last Mad Max film we get a new sequel/reboot for the franchise. Fury Road follow Imperator Furiosa played by Charlize Theron who is trying to get away with five brides who belong to Imortan Joe. Joe sends an entire army after her and Max is stuck in the middle of all this.

George Miller is one crazy, messed up son of a bitch! He has managed to make this 2 hour thrill ride that has reinvented the franchise and action movies in general. From the very start we are introduced the this hectic wasteland and it doesn't let up. There are moments for character development but apart from that it is just a full on attack to the senses.

There are a lot of great thing with this film. The characters are really well done, my favourite being Nicholas Hoult as Nux. Charlize Theron does get some what more screen time than Tom Hardy, but Hardy does what he can to steal every scene he's in.

Then there's the action. My god the action. It is relentless, intense and takes up a large quantity of the film. The chaos that ensues is perfectly captured with wide panning shots and extreme close-ups. It is some of the greatest and bizarrest action scenes you will ever see, THERE ARE GUYS PLAYING GUITARS ON THE BACK OF TRUCKS WITH FLAMES COMING OUT OF THE NECKS OF THE GUITARS! It's insane!

The more heartfelt moments are really well done as well and are a nice change of pace. Everything element is balanced really well.

Mad Max: Fury Road is by far the best action film i've seen in ages. It's bonkers on a massive scale. Everyone at some point needs to see this.


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