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Time for round six of Marvel versus DC "Who Wins". Round five put Deathstroke the Terminator against the Merc with a Mouth Deadpool and Harley Quinn against Mystique. This week, we are going to the streets and into outer space. In outer space, we have Richard Rider of the Nova Corps taking on Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps. On Earth, The Joker will be fighting Daredevil.

Daredevil VS Joker:

We all know the Joker from the movies and the cartoon. While Heath Ledger may be the benchmark of rating the Joker, it doesn't really hold a candle to what the Joker is really capable of. It's hard to capture all the skills of the Joker in a two hour film. He's crazy and that particular brand of crazy allows him to take a good amount of physical punishment. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Joker has the ability to make weak minded and crazy people follow him into pretty much anything without questioning him. It's one of the reasons you rarely see Joker without some form of help. He even took a psychiatrist and turned her into a psychotic murderous villain. Joker is also a master chemist and a creative sicko. His Joker gas leaves people smiling and laughing to death. Granted, all of his weapons are all random versions of clown and circus objects, they fit the theme and are all extremely effective.

If there is a parallel to Batman in the reasoning for doing what they do in the Marvel Universe, it's "The Man Without Fear" Daredevil. Like Batman, the death of a parent put him on the path of being a hero. Both men spent years enduring harsh training to become a symbol of good. Matt doesn't have anywhere near the bankroll that Bruce Wayne does, but he does have heightened hearing and smell that Batman doesn't. Like Batman, Daredevil also doesn't kill. Daredevil is a lawyer by day and believes that the legal system will prevail. Even though time and time again Murdock is proven wrong, he keeps hope that he is doing the right thing. So night in and night out Matt Murdock dawns his Daredevil costume and protects Hell's Kitchen from those who want to tear it down.

How does Daredevil Win:

"I'm a blind lawyer with a history of incarceration and personal tragedy. What in that make-up makes you think I have a sense of humor?"-Daredevil

With superior fighting skills. One thing the Joker doesn't have is the ability to win an actual fist fight. against Daredevil. It's not his style. Unfortunately, it IS Daredevil's style. Joker isn't facing Batman. Daredevil has well known anger issues and has been known to take it out on criminals. If Daredevil can take out Bullseye in a fight, I'm certain Joker wouldn't be that much more of a challenge.

How does the Joker Win:

"All I've ever wanted... is to have a good time. And to annoy Batman, whenever possible, of course. And to one day murder Batman and defile his carcass sexually. And a pony."-Joker

Here is the catch 22 with the Daredevil's temper; it can be used against him. It can definitely make him sloppy. When Joker went and paralyzed Barbara Gordon and captured Commissioner Gordon, Batman didn't go into the fight angry. If the roles were reversed and Joker captured Karen Paige and did what he did to Barbara Gordon, Daredevil would probably go in recklessly and would have fallen right into Joker's trap and would have probably been killed. And even if Daredevil did kill Joker, Joker still wins because Daredevil broke one of his rules and killed someone. And since Daredevil's hearing is known to be heightened, Joker would probably rig up a giant megaphone to put Daredevil off balance.

Richard Rider Nova VS Hal Jordan Green Lantern:

Hal Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest Green Lantern of all time. He has saved not only the world, but the universe. When the Guardians of the Universe need someone to save everyone, he is the one they call on. Hal is easily the best with his Lantern Ring. The creative things he has done in battle are not only creative, but extremely effective. But that isn't the only thing that makes Hal the best lantern of all time. The Green Lantern Ring is powered by will. Hal's will is strong enough to move mountains and more.

Richard Rider was the sole survivor of the intergalactic police force (The Nova Corps) that was powered by the "Nova Force". This force gave the Nova Corps all of their power. When every member of the Nova Corps died, that power was given to Richard Rider since he was the sole survivor. Rider was once an immature member until the destruction of the corps forced him to mature. With the help of Drax, Nova became not only a better warrior, but a great leader.

How does Hal Jordan Win:

"There are worse things than dying, friend. With this little ring I can take you apart molecule by molecule and then put you back together again. And maybe I put you back together right and maybe I don't. But you'll be alive and conscious for every second of it."-Hal Jordan

With Hal, it comes down to a couple of things. One, is he going to go all out and be aggressive? As you saw by the quote above, Hal could take someone apart piece by piece with his Lantern Ring. Even if it isn't molecule by molecule, he could do it body part by body part. Second, can Nova's quips and Hal's possible inability to hit Nova take away Hal's confidence. If Hal's will can't be shaken, then Nova is done for.

How does Richard Rider win:

Rider can be very ruthless if need be.
Rider can be very ruthless if need be.
"I've come for my brother. You will hand him over or I'll burn you where you stand."-Richard Rider

Nova is physically stronger than Hal Jordan is and it's possible that he can maneuver around space better than Hal can. The biggest concern Hal should have is if Nova's blast is yellow (because sometimes it's blue). If the Nova Force is yellow, it's pretty much a done deal for the Green Lantern. Nova has taken on Galactus and The Surfer and lived to tell the tale. But Nova's biggest card is World Mind. World Mind can and will find all of the battles he can that Hal has had before, during, and after he was given the ring. It's almost an unfair advantage, but it's one he may need to win this fight.

Thanks everyone for reading. If you have a different opinion (which I welcome), let me know in the comments. Also, let me know who you want to see next.


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