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If you follow my articles, Especially the ones about The Last Of Us, you would know that I am a huge advocate, for games to keep it's same main characters in their sequels. But the upcoming third instalment, in Tell Tale Games' The Walking Dead is a special case, as its predecessor has about four different endings. some endings kill off some major characters, and the main character (Clementine) ends up in multiple places depending on what ending the player chooses.

This would bring up a puzzling challenge for the developer, who should star in the next Walking Dead game.

The way I see it, they're are at least three options that could make a good game.


If it wasn't for the fact that The Walking Dead season 2 has 4 wildly different endings I would say, yes definitely continue Clem's story. Clem may not be the most interesting character in the game, but she is the main character, the one we are meant to relate to and root for. I do enjoy Clem as a character, and if Tale Tale Games were somehow able to find a way to continue her story, I would love to play as her again.


This one would run into the same problem Clem would, except that, in some of the possible endings, Kenny dies.

But if Tell Tale Games could find a way to bring Kenny back as a playable character, I think it would make a good game. Kenny is a man who has been through a lot, and has lost a lot. At times, Kenny may seem like a dick, but if you choose a curtain ending in TWD S2, you find out that Kenny still has some good in him, he has layers, and that's what you'd expect from a main character. Plus, the guy looks like Solid Snake.

Solid Snake
Solid Snake

Solid Snake vs Zombies, how does that not sound awesome!?!?!

New character/ player created character

Perhaps the best, and easiest option, would be, not only to bring in a new character, but to let us as gamers, create our own character. Since The Walking Dead, is a point and click, choose your own adventure game, the main characters almost become a reflection of ourselves. So why not just let us literally put ourselves in the game?


who do you think the next Walking Dead Game should follow


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