ByThomas Kohain, writer at

Chris Pratt as Owen

Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire

Nick Robinson as Zach

Ty Simpkins as Gray

Sam Neill as Alan Grant

Brian Tee as Hamada

New Good Guys i add:

Ross Lynch: Role: As a young 20 Year old guy that wants to become a great doctor.

Dove Cameron: Role: Girl in Jurrasic World

New Bad Guys i add

Julian Morris: Role: Young doctor that got fired by 1 of the guys that made Jurrasic world

Dylan O'Brien: Role: Guy who wants to destroy the world, makes him smile.

Ray Liotta: Dad of the 2 British boys (Julian and Daniel) Role: Works with Hamada

Daniel SHarman: Role: Just helping his brother, isn't really bad.


Justin Bieber: Role: As a douche, who doesn't care about anything, but knows anything about dinosaurs, doesn't wants to kill them, but does make them for the bad, even he is forced into it.

Why? He is acting already, it will be 2018, people can't hate him forever, and he was good on CSI or whatever, so i would like that.


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