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As we saw the trailer for DC TV universes new show we noticed a couple of things. What i'm about to talk about is Rip Hunter who was also mentioned in the finale of The Flash as the maker of the hamster ball time thing.

Rip Hunter is from the future. He works with the time masters, a team who protects history. He is there to stop Vandal Savage, Who I'll write about later. Rip Hunter's father is Booster Gold. Booster Gold is a hero from the future. Other than the tech he has from the future, he uses his knowledge of history and the future to fight for justice. And as Rip Hunter said he protects history and his father uses it so that hints us to the fact he might be in season 2.

I also think Booster Gold will be in season 2 is because of all of the references to Rip and to introduce all of the characters for the new show [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), they will use The Flash and Arrow.

Lastly is the multi-demension stuff that will be happening. We know that Wally West will be in season 2 which means he'll either have to go to the future or to a different dimension (we don't know what universe this is yet) to pull Wally which will be monitored by Rip Hunter and his squad and will maybe be dealt with by Booster

I will be talking about The Flash season 2, Arrow season 4, and Legends of Tomorrow more so follow me plz.


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