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After the success of Daredevil, which exceeded most expectations, Marvel has begun to expand its Netflix family further with the introduction of a new face to the Cinematic Universe; Jessica Jones.

Now, to some, this name may not mean much at all but lets take a look at the abilities Krysten Ritter will have available to her. Superhuman strength for one, and as seen in the comic, enough to lift a two tonne vehicle. Not to mention her ability to fly which I'm sure will come in handy on multiple occasions. Although, from what information that has been released, we can deduce that the series will focus more on Jessica as a detective suffering from the darkness that comes with being a superhero; and goddamn this makes it even better.

Netflix's Daredevil showed us that you don't need the more 'flashy' powers to attract the attention of viewers; even though his ability to hear someones heartbeat from across the room is AMAZING, but instead the grittiness of Murdock being a lawyer was still entertaining. Lets also not forget, both these heroes live in the same neighborhood; crossovers galore - which has been hinted at by the miniseries Defenders.

Finally, casting was extremely important for Daredevil, and Jessica Jones seems to have done just as well with their villain choice. David Tennant will be playing Kilgrave. I know and trust that this past Doctor Who will absolutely rock this part, similar to how Vincent D'Onofrio struck fear into the heart of Daredevil - and we all know he isn't meant to be scared easily.

So, believe me when I say, this show will be freaking awesome. Netflix's Originals have never steered its audience in the wrong direction and it will not start now.

Jessica Jones will be released on Netflix in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Some of this post is based on pure opinion, I realize there may be conflict.


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