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Plot: Jackson who is now 19, is going to college. But Isaac Lahey who moved from France to London, sees Jackson and they start talking. New girl ... Might be the villain and they don't trust her, but she is good and u see that in the season.


Good Guys:

Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore (with tattoos) as an Alpha (not true Alpha)

Age: 19

Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey (Beta, yellow eyes)

Age: 19

Emma Watson (Beta, Blue Eyes)

Age: 19

Cole Sprouse (Jackson's Beta, Yellow eyes)

Age: 18 (College)

Dylan Sprouse (Jackson's Beta, Yellow eyes)

Age: 18 (College)

Lucy Hale (Beta, Blue Eyes)

Age: 20 (College)

Austin Mahone (50% Werewolf/50% Human = Born with power as a werewolf, but doesn't change into one)

Age: 18 (College)

Why? I don't like him very much, but he can act a little and he wants it. He gets a lot of hate and this can give him a break and change his Bieber Clone form and i might like him.

Bad Guys:

Gregg Sulkin (Alpha Were-Hyena)

Age: 21 (College)

Josh Peck (Were-Coyote, Alpha)

Age: 24 (Teacher at high school)

Mitchel Musso (Were-Dog, Alpha)

Age: 19 (College)

Sterling Knight (Were-Jackal, Alpha)

Age: 20 (College)

Avan Jogia (Werewolf, Alpha)

Age: 18 (High School, repeated Senior Year)

Andrew Garfield (Were-Lion, Alpha of Alphas, Purple eyes)

Age: 27 (Nothing)

recurring (More than 7 episodes)

Good Guys:

Julian Morris (Teacher, Doctor and Alpha)

Age: 25 (Teacher at College)

Timotheé Chalamet (Vampire)

Age: 17 (High School, Senior year)

Tamsin Egerton (Human)

Age: 20 (College)

Bad Guys:

Tom Felton (Human, Doctor)

Age: 28 (Doctor)

Hannah Murray (Beta, Blue eyes)

Age: 17 (High School, Senior year)

Bradley Steven Perry (Alpha, Were-Dragon)

Age: 17 (High school, senior year)

Jamie Bell (Teacher, Alpha, Were-Bear)

Age: 30 (Teacher at college)

Jeremy Irvine (Hybride, Orange-Red Eyes)

Age: 21 (College)

And i would have a guest appearances of:

Daniel Radcliffe (Alpha that attacks Jackson that gets killed, when Jackson turns into an Alpha)

Robert Pattinson (Vampire that got killed after 2 episodes)

Jack O'Conell (Were-Salamander that leaves after 3 episodes)

& Charlie Hunnam (Werewolf hunter that stays 2 episodes at the beginning)

They would be fun to see in an episode or 2 or maybe 3.

Episode: 23

Time: 45 Min


Jackson is laying low after high school and wants to go to college, but an Alpha Pack is in town. Isaac moved from France to London and meets Jackson and might go to college with him. When Isaac gets attacked Jackson saves him as an Alpha. Jackson might have changed a bit but is still a douche. When he bites a Twin something happens when both of them become werewolves. The Alpha pack in town isn't just Some Alpha pack, it are all different Were-Somethings)

It would be a dream for me.


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