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Earlier this year, Taron Egerton successfully made off with our hearts as Eggsy in [Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143), and now, it seems like he might do exactly that once more. Lionsgate is gearing up to begin production on it's unique take on the classic Robin Hood story, and the young actor is reportedly at the top of their list, which isn't that much of a surprise. Already lined up for a Kingsman sequel (which might actually pose some scheduling issues for the project), Egerton is one of the most popular up-and-comers in Hollywood this year, and in high demand back home in the UK on top of that.

Robin Hood: Origins is rumored to be a gritty take on the classic tale, which sees Robin Hood returning from fighting in The Crusades, only to find that Sherwood Forest has been dominated by the corrupt and evil higher powers of the land. This Robin Hood's merry men are a band of hardened outlaws, and together, they aim to take down the powers that be in their own "unique" way.

The project is being directed by Peaky Blinders' Otto Bathurst, and is one among four different Robin Hood-based film projects. Disney is currently working on Nottingham & Hood; Sony's take on the story, simply titled Hood, round out the trio of takes on the classic story; finally, Warner Bros' untitled Robin Hood project has quietly flown under the radar, which might be a smart move for the studio, as the upcoming press releases are guaranteed to get confusing.

If the studio is looking to sign Egerton, let's hope they do it fast -- on top of a Kingsman sequel, the actor is starring opposite Tom Hardy in Legend, and is set to lead Eddie the Eagle alongside Hugh Jackman, which Kingsman's Matthew Vaughn is producing.


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