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We've all played some great Superhero games. Today I'll give you guys top 10.

#10 Ultimate Alliance 2

Ultimate Alliance 2 is a great game for several reasons. One reason being the story. In Ultimate Alliance 2 we get to take the famous Civil War story line and experience it in a different way. Even giving you the choice of choosing sides. This is definitely a great game to play solo or with your friends.

#9 The Incredible Hulk

Another game I really enjoyed playing. The Incredible Hulk. In this game we get to take green rage monster all through New York city. Not exactly a great story but still guaranteed fun. With epic boss battles to jumping 10 miles with single leaps, this game will for sure have you playing for several hours.

#8 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Another awesome game. In Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions you get to play as 4 different types of Spider-Men. Each having their own unique setting. Trust me you will never get bored with this game. Yeah it's not your usual open world Spider-Man game but it sure does deliver when it comes to having a good time.

#7 Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

So not your best fighting game but still fun in some ways. The epic maps that let you transition from one to the other, the unique abilities each character has, and the choice of playing for both the Mortal Kombat and DC Universe. With a unique story and great interactions, this game is guaranteed to have you and your friends playing all night.

#6 Spider-Man 2

So Spider-Man 2 is awesome. The New York sand box, the fighting style, the characters, the story, and everything else were all great. From Spider-Mans cocky remarks to randomly saving lives, in this game you really feel like you're taking on New York as the masked hero Spider-Man.

#5 Ultimate Alliance

The first Ultimate Alliance is great. The first of it's kind, great selection of characters, challenging puzzles, epic boss battles, solid story, and the list goes on and on.definitely recommended for those who love co-op games and Superhero games in general.

#4 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Yes another Spider-Man game. This game is on the list for a couple reasons. First one being the story. Spider-Man Web of Shadows has an amazing story. With the emotional changes that Spider-Man goes through, to the Villains and the broken friendships that break him mentally, this game is perfect for anyone who enjoys Spider-Man games. Oh and not to mention the ability to change from Spider-Mans regular suit to his black symboit suit at will.

#3 Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice Gods Among Us is a great fighting game indeed. With the selection of characters being great, the very well put together maps, the interactions with the environment, and even the story was brilliant. A huge selection of skins and even some very impressive DLC characters. It's safe to say this is one of the best fighting games we've seen.

#2 Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum is #2 for countless reasons. The story, game play, character, and the first Batman game of it's kind. This game is no doubt one of the best solo adventure games. From gliding around Arkham Island to taking on classic villains, this game is truly amazing.

#1 Batman Arkham City.

So my top pic as the best Superhero game is Batman Arkham City. With the success of Batman Arkham Asylum this game follows up perfectly. With a bigger map, even more classic character, being able to play as Catwoman and Nightwing, and the addition of an extra story mission that doesn't disappoint. This game is no doubt one of if not the best. Not to mention the amazing twist at the end. Can't go wrong with this game at all.


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