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"True Story" is a thriller directed by Rupert Goold. It stars Jonah Hill and James Franco. The MPAA rating is R for language and some disturbing material and the running time is 99 minutes. The film's budget is unknown but the box office revenue is 4,9 million.

BEFORE THE MOVIE: Despite the mediocre reviews, I'm really looking forward to watch "True Story". From the trailer, it looks like a gripping thriller with amazing performances by James Franco and Jonah Hill and really feels like they're both out of their comfort zone, but they knock it out of the park. Anyways, we'll see.

*Light Spoiler Ahead*

AFTER THE MOVIE: Well. This really wasn't as bad as all the critics said it was. First off, Jonah Hill and James Franco are F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C, especially Franco who gives an amazingly somewhat creepy performance of an actual killer with a plan (That kinda backfires at him) but he's really intriguing to watch when he puts Hill in a corner and feels like his plan is working. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful for a film shot at a 1:78:1 aspect ratio. It uses the format right, especially in a scene where Hill talks with a cop that is on the prosecution's side. There are some really great shots in the movie. The music is haunting and at times, very eery. It's a small music piece but it works all the time and I was invested in the story 100%. Never once did I find it boring or uninteresting, I was really captivated by what Franco was going to do next in a game of wits with a former New York Times journalist.

At 99 minutes, the movie moves incredibly fast. For a thriller, it doesn't take time to develop to its full potential so it can really be captivating. You really feel like it could've used another hour or so or at least 120 minutes to become even MORE interesting than it is. It wraps up all too quickly and just when you think it's getting started, it ends. The movie is not a "Literal" thriller with no "actual" thrills. James Franco acts very calmly so don't expect any screaming whatsoever. The movie is a slow burn and I actually liked it.



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