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It's been arguably nearly 30 years since a truly amazing ALIEN film has premiered. James Cameron's ALIENS was the last film that was met with all around praise and box office success. There have been three films since the release of ALIENS that have continued to tarnish the reputation of the saga. Namely, David Fincher's divisive (and not his fault) ALIEN 3 (1992), the tepid (yet beautiful) Alien Resurrection (1997) and the equally beautiful, terribly written and also divisive Prometheus (2012).

Smart (?) biologist makes dumb decision
Smart (?) biologist makes dumb decision

For many, the failure of Prometheus to live up to the intelligence and wit of the first two films was an emotional nail in the coffin. What's surprising is that the film failed so miserably on some basic scripting levels, despite the fact that Ridley Scott was in the director's chair. No one disputes how beautiful the film was, or certain moments that felt truly ALIEN. Love them or hate them, the Engineers were incredibly rendered creatures that take their place within the best of science fiction. Any good the film delivered was eclipsed by poorly written characters and even worse dialogue.

concept art for Neill Blomkamp's Alien
concept art for Neill Blomkamp's Alien

The announcement of Neill Blomkamp making a direct sequel to ALIENS had more of a mixed reaction than blatant excitement. Blomkamp is doing something unusual in that he is bypassing the events of ALIEN3 and Alien Resurrection and picking up with Ripley and Hicks (and maybe Newt?) after the events seen in ALIENS. The question remains: can a good Alien film be made?

If Ridley Scott cannot ensure a good Alien film (or spinoff film), then who can? There are a plethora of ideas from the fanbase as to the reasons behind the failure of Prometheus. Many blame Damon Lindelof, screenwriter extraordinaire who rewrote John Spaights original script that would become the shooting script for the film. Others place blame solely on Ridley Scott himself, for not paying closer attention to the script and the details of characters.

If recent reports are accurate, Prometheus 2 begins shooting in January, or sometime in the first part of 2016 with Scott back at the helm once again. If you listen closely, you can hear every fan of the Alien saga holding their collective breath hoping with what little hope they have left that we will receive an Alien film, or an Alien related film that stands tall next to ALIEN and ALIENS.

This last video sums it up nicely.

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