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Jackson Fulcher

Fox has graced us with something very special to look forward to. And no, I don't mean the new extended trailer for Fantastic Four, because apparently that movie isn't very good! What I mean is the Red Band Deadpool trailer. This trailer was shown at Comic Con this year, but not released to the public, and if they did watch it, it was in crappy quality and no one could really make out what was happening. But this trailer is in HD and shows a lot of blood and awesome Rated R stuff. This trailer showed me that this movie is doing Deadpool right! And we need someone to do him right after that terrible X-Men Origins movie where they sewed up his mouth, I mean really? Why do that? He's the merc with the mouth he needs to not be able to shut up! Which this trailer shows he can't in fact shut up, which is great. The jokes in this trailer had me dying. Especially the part where Ryan Reynolds and TJ Miller talk about how ugly Reynolds looks. That was the second best part of the trailer. What my favorite part was was when they took a jab at Reynold's other movie, Green Lantern when Reynolds said, "And make sure not to make the super suit green. Or animated!" So all in all, this trailer showed me everything I wanted to see in a Deadpool movie and I can't wait for February to come! But what did you think of the Deadpool trailer? Leave your thoughts below.


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