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Have it start off a couple months after the first one where they're all happy, but have Mal looking back at the spell book that she locked in a magical glass case and seeing her mom as a little animal (I don't remember what the animal was that maleficent turned into) but have Mal start missing her mom and wants to try to make her mom good and make her proud. (Like she wanted to in the first movie). Then one day have her take the spell book out and bring her mom back to a human . (Cuz she misses her). But then have it back fire on Mal. Where her mom is mad at her, spells start flying. Maleficent uses a spell to make Mal super evil again and take over the kingdom with Bens help and him not knowing and Mal uses a spell to make her mom an animal again after she thinks the spell didn't work on her. She hurrys and puts everything back where it is before Ben, Evie, Jay or Carlos see it. Next you know Mal "says" she's going back to the island to visit cuz she misses home. But in reality she's actually getting the Evel Queen, jafar, and corolla Deville in on her plan to take over with the help of other evil characters ( Captain Hook and his son and Dracula Laura and her daughters help). Then Mal goes back to the school and talks Ben in letting two more villains come to the school (Dracula Laura's daughter Laura and captain hooks son (sorry don't have ideas for name for him). When they get there the three of them start thinking of ideas to take the kingdom over with spells on Ben to help. But at the same time have Mal keep bouncing back and forth from evil to good so one minute she's good and then next evil. And with Evie sharing a room with Mal see what's happening and Mal giving hints for help. Get Evie, jay, an Carlos try to save Mal before its to late and she stays evil forever. After a couple weeks go by Mal starts staying evil longer leading up to staying evil the whole time. And has a short time left to be saved or be cursed with her mother spell controlling her from the inside out with every move forever. Then have it where Evie, Jay and Carlos find out their parents are helping this so not call Mal and they get angry and want revenge. Then end the movie where Evie, Jay, and Carlos are standing across from Mal, Laura, and captian hooks son. With Ben being like a puppet and doing everything Mal says. And end the movie like that cuz then you could make a third one. But tell more of the story line or Evie, Jay and Carlos using all the skills, past, present and there soon to be future to get Mal back :).

I was a big high school Musical fan growing up and sometimes I wish they're were a fourth one! I know every word and song to all three movies. I got every doll, peace of furniture, every book, every soundtrack, anything they made that was high school music I had to have it. So to see descendants made my the same person made me happy. I am not 15 and still watch those movies and would love to see a second one of descendants. And I would love if you were to use my idea. But it would need a bit more songs then the first one since there was only seven(yes I counted).

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a good one.

Your friend, Makayla Hansen


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