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Within the last 10 years, the Fantastic Four have been in 3 movies, with 2 of those 3 being commercial successes, but all of them are critical failures. According to the popular film ratings site "Rotten Tomatoes", here are the ratings of the first two Fantastic Four films:

- Fantastic Four (2005): 27%

- Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007): 37%

On its opening weekend, the newest Fantastic 4 directed by Josh Trank opened with an RT (Rotten Tomatoes) score of 9% and $26.8 million, a very low number considering the fact that Fox predicted that it would have an opening weekend of $40-50 million. Fox studios will most likely take a hit from this film's box office failure. However, the studio has stated that they are still planning a sequel, which will probably come out on its pre-determined 2017 date.

On the other hand, if Fantastic 4 continues to do poorly in cinemas, and with the negative reviews and fan reactions, Fox may have to (and should) negotiate with Marvel regarding film rights. If Marvel does get the rights after this atrocious film, then here is the best option for Marvel on what to do with these "unlucky" characters:

Appearances in other films

Human Torch & Inhumans/The Thing & GOTG
Human Torch & Inhumans/The Thing & GOTG

Late last year, Marvel discontinued the Fantastic 4 comics because they were the lowest selling comics, not too mention that the films have all been critical failures. However, Marvel showed that two members of the Fantastic Four, Human Torch and the Thing, will appear with the "Uncanny Inhumans" and the "Guardians of the Galaxy" in the new Marvel comics that will be published soon. Each character of the F4 have appeared, as a team or individual, within other comic series and events.

The Illuminati
The Illuminati

Also, if Mr. Fantastic comes back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then Marvel will have most of the Illuminati roster. The Illuminati is made up of Iron Man, Professor X, Black Bolt, Namor, Mr. Fantastic, and Dr. Strange, and they are responsible for a lot of controversial and extreme decisions, without consulting other important members of the Marvel Universe. It would be interesting to see at least 4 of the members of the Illuminati meet about upcoming events in the MCU, such as the aftermath of Civil War, and perhaps the upcoming Infinity War. However, there is still another possible option that Marvel choose that will save the F4 from any more box office failures and embarrassment.

No more films for Fantastic 4

Black & White image of Fantastic Four
Black & White image of Fantastic Four

They are an iconic team and an interesting team of superheroes with great villains, but they haven't had the most successful run on print and on film. Might as well lay the team to rest, even though some of the characters have had roles in other stories. They had their run for as long as possible, but these four finally need to be put in the pasture. Fox still plans a sequel for the "Fantastic Four", but time will tell whether or not we will see them on screen again with Fox.


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