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You can certainly say that the Avengers work hard kicking butts and saving lives but could you imagine them in an office hardly working? The work place is made up of a lot of different personalities and archetypes. Even though the job of an Avenger has never involved the typical desk work, there are still times where each Avenger fell into the stereotype of a classic office archetype. It's not like we're trying to fit Hulk into a corner cubicle or trying to teach Thor how to use a copier machine but how about we just have some fun and imagine the Avengers as our office co-workers.

The Family Guy - Hawkeye

He's always just around, equipped with witty one-liners and he loves to share stories about his family and kids. He doesn't really do a lot of the heavy lifting, but he still make a valuable contribution in the work force. Whether he's pulling out some joke or showing you wallet pictures of his children, this guy is trustworthy, always prepared for any situation and gives great advice. However, he probably needs to retire soon, for his children's sake at least.

The Mystery Girl - Black Widow

Probably the only girl who can put up with the testosterone filled workplace that is full of bravado and big egos. She's known to be tough, smart, witty while staying a mystery to all her colleagues. No one knows her past but no one is brave enough to ask. Though she is a loyal and an effective member of the team, her past and personal life is off-limits to most coworkers. She might have a couple flings with a few coworkers, but she remains the terrifying lone wolf. In the end though, everyone still loves and values her for her badass-ery and her soft centre...that she only rarely reveals.

The Believer - Phil Coulson

This is the type of guy that loves his job, maybe a little too much, and is entirely proud to be part of the company. He would rallies up the workers for team meetings or company parties just to infuse greater company pride into everyone else. This guy is the one proudly wearing the company t-shirt and using the company's pens. He would do anything to support the company, even die for it, and would love to be promoted up to higher ranks. He's also the one with all the cool gadgets and knick knacks!

The Newbie - Thor

Like J.D. in the earlier seasons of Scrubs, this is the newbie of the team. This guy doesn't know how to use the photocopier or printer in the office and he'll probably break it (with a hammer or something) before anyone can replace the toner! He is the rookie on the job, lost, big-eyed puppy who doesn't quite belong in the environment just yet. He doesn't get all the jokes that his coworkers make and some just go straight over his head. He's still completely loveable and everyone roots for him to adapt to the work place!

The Alpha - Nick Fury

He is the one.who is always in control and always has a plan. He's the type of boss that would shout at you for coming late, and won't give you a day off to see your favourite band in concert. On the positive side, he really does care about work-family balance and he might just set you up with a nice suite for your family to live in, only if you're an outstanding worker of course. No matter what you want to say about him, he gets the job done!

The Angry One - Hulk

This is the one guy at work that stays calm most of time, but below the surface everyone knows he's under a lot of stress; the type of stress that boils under the skin and can make the man explode at any time! So beware, sir, because if you get him mad, he'll lose all control! Then somebody's going to get hurt, then someone's going to sue and it won't end very nice for anyone. But other than that, he's a pretty cool and smart dude.

The Worker Bee - Captain America

Every office has a worker bee, a soldier of sorts. He listens to orders, follows the rules and always tries to do what's right. He puts the company first causing him to have some workaholic tendencies. Maybe he got burned by love in the past, maybe he is just really dedicated to his job or maybe he's been frozen in an iceberg for the last 70 years; either way, now his life revolves around who he works for. Most bosses love him because he is the most dependable, reliable and trustworthy guy at the office.

The Narcissist - Iron Man

The biggest ego of the group, this person thinks he's the smartest, the coolest and the best, as if he's some billionaire philanthropist. He's the guy trying to rock to boat at the office by thinking he's the one in charge. Thinking he owns the place, he loves to come up with new ideas to improve the company but sometimes, his inventions can get a little bit out of hand and come back to bite him. He's always stressed but hides it behinds his bravado and his ego. At least he knows how to party and loves all the attention from the office.



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