ByJon Peloquin (Requiem), writer at

This isn't going to be that long of a review, mostly because this series was more slow paced and filled with too much filler to really make it develop into anything. Sense 8 is basically this show that is filled with people who have this physic ability to share each other's special abilities and take over one another's body when the time calls for it.

Not too terrible of an idea to start. The execution of the show is what really kills the whole thing. The majority of the show is going to make you wonder, A. Why do I care about any of these people. B. Am I watching Netflix or a soft core porn and C. Is neo going to be showing up at the end. It felt like the show's team was trying to go for a more adult super hero story, without putting much thought into the story line.

The first season of Spartacus had a similar level of high sexual related scenes, but they did end up playing into the story line. With Sense 8, it felt like they where just thrown in there to eat up time, while trying to make the more prudish of the audience wiggle in their seats . In fact, it felt like these overly drawn out scenes made up the bulk of the beginning of the series. After the first few episodes of these kinds of montages, it wasn't hard to pick up the fact that everyone was a sexual deviant.

By the time the storyline had picked up the pace and started to go anywhere, it started to feel like it had all been done before. The stylized violence that is in the same character as the Matrix movies, didn't do anything that ground breaking. It was just enough Kung Fu to make it so you could get through it, but enough CGI that you are going to forget about it the next day. By the time it gets to this point, the season is over and you are left wondering why you invested your time in the show to begin with.


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