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Hello Internet, its me,

Who am I? I am someone… a man, nothing more. A 24 year old Canadian man, who had a dream of becoming a player in the Media and Entertainment Industry, but that’s no longer possible, because I am that… A man… nothing more. I guess I`ll start with how it got to this point…

My family was a dysfunctional one. Both my parents were just terrible at communicating with each other. The only time they didn’t fight, was the odd time we watched movies together. After a bit, my parents divorced, bringing me and my two brothers into it. So dealing with the aftermath of a messy divorce; and a not too successful public and highschool career, movies and eventually story writing became my only escape.

After fighting with my dad constantly on what I wanted to do after highschool, I finally said a sentence, that’s now stuck in his head for life. I said “DAD, I WANT to do FILM!” after a few minutes of silence, he firmly said to me “You want to do it? Prove it”, so I did.

I made a short film with a MiniDV Camera and made it with a couple friends. It’s so magical; watching the characters you wrote, come to life. After a few other MiniDV shorts that I made, (for my school and for YouTube) my dad finally believed me and agreed to send me to College for it.

My first Short Film I directed, produced, and edited

I went to College and majored in Television Broadcasting and Communications Media; it was a three year program that promised a job as soon as you were done. It was a great promise, but I was focused on learning everything I could. Eventually; the camera, lights, audio gear, storytelling, scripting, and all sides of editing and post-production, became my only reason to get up in the morning. It was safe to say, I learned a lot, and it was the only time I felt I learned something in school.

Possibly the best film I did when I was in School

After graduating in 2012, I got a job as a Freelance Master Control Operator; Basically, I sat in an office and watched the broadcasted signal. If anything happened, it would be up to me to fix the picture (you ever change the channel and come across a black screen? Chances are, there’s a Master Control guy trying to fix it). I got called in whenever they’d need me, usually to fill in a full timer’s hours. It was 12 hour shift work, and it certainly wasn’t what I wanted to do; but it was a job, and I was lucky to have that.

Because of the crazy scheduling, I didn’t sleep very well, or very often. It was at this time I got addicted to melatonin. I was heavily influenced by how easily I slept, and how easily I could remember my dreams. So much so, that I could build stories out of them.

I did my best to learn everything in the department, I even moved to the city so I could be the most reliable person there. But out of the Three Freelance Ops hired, I was the first to be “let go”. I was devastated, It was the first time I tried my best at something, and as they said “You’re best isn’t good enough here, in this place, you have to be one man, nothing more”.

I tried working at other stations as a MCO, but they didn’t keep me for long, I didn’t know what to do.

I decided to remain in the city, and keep trying for what I love doing. I went back into making short films with my MiniDV camera again while working in restaurants. While I was there, I was continuously looking for TV and Film jobs. But because of the recession, the amount of change in the industry, and the lack of “Experience” I have; me and the one hundred others I graduated with, have now given up.

Which brings me to why I’m here,

Inspired by Roger Corman, I want to start an Independent Production Company, run by the internet. I want to produce: short films, feature films, and original series; that can eventually compete with Hollywood and the big production companies.

The main focus of the company would be to create: imaginative and well-built stories, along with; visual and intelligent characters, and enough content for world building (Basically, anything you guys want).

You guys will have the power to like or shoot down any idea that comes in and out of the company; if you like it, well start producing it.

I’ll go one step further and let you guys submit ideas. I promise to read them all, and contact you if you have something (you never know how some ideas can work).

Eventually, I want to create opportunities for young and talented people. Opportunities I would’ve liked to have, when I left college. (I mean, how would you like to shoot a low budget short film with the possibility of making them into a series or a feature film?)

Because of the economic situation, our generation is considered statistically “worse off than our parents”. I wanna try to change that.

Possibly the last thing I’m producing is a short film called “Deep Dream”. When I was 21, I wrote a screenplay inspired by my melatonin addiction. It’s about an insomniac who takes an experimental medication that knocks him out for 7 to 8 hours. He dreams so heavily, that he gets to explore his own mind.

After a couple of film festival runs, I will be releasing it to the internet.

If you really like the film and my style, I will start the Production Company.

I can say with certainty, there is nothing I would rather do more than; entertain and work with creative, imaginative and intelligent people. Since I am just “A Man”, I see this as my last attempt, to make it in the media world.

If the internet is reading this final sentence, please know that I love every one of you, and I thank you for reading my pitch, and my entire life story.

Yours Truly

A Man


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