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With the release of Jurassic World, things are looking up for this franchise. A sequel is planned for 2018. At the the end of Jurassic World, you see Dr. Henry Wu leaving Isla Nublar with dinosaur embryos, intent on weaponizing dinosaurs. Of course, there are so many ideas for sequels that a cinematic universe is in order. So here is my idea for a Jurassic Park Cinematic Universe.

Dinosaurs as Weapons

Let's start with Jurassic World 2. There is indication of what the sequel will be like. Vic Hoskins and Dr. Wu seek to use dinosaurs as weapons. It is just like with gunpowder. When it was first invented, gunpowder was used for entertainment in the form of fireworks. It was then weaponized and changed warfare forever. May I suggest watching Kung Fu Panda 2 to understand gunpowder? I have a feeling that the use of dinosaurs as weapons would serve as the main plot of this film. Exactly how the story goes is still a mystery. But dinosaurs as weapons would certainly be something new. It could easily end the War on Terror. However, the characters played by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will most likely try to stop this. That would make a good plot.

Dinosaurs in Agriculture

Dinosaurs in agriculture would make a good movie in and of itself. Velociraptors in the role of sheep-dogs and Ornithomimus being farmed like chickens are just two examples. This will probably make a good film. This idea a good look at a possible application. Such technology would certainly be popular. However, don't count out conventional farm animals. They will still be important. As I am Jewish, I would think that Jews would have difficulty deciding whether certain dinosaurs are kosher or not. Still, it would make a good story.

Dinosaurs in Medicine

Warfare and agriculture are good applications, but what about medicine? Now, animals are used in medicine, and dinosaurs would be no different. Using dinosaurs to test drugs is one possible example. We do it with existing animals today. It is controversial. No doubt, it would be controversial when it comes to dinosaurs as well. A film could deal with this controversy for sure. However, there are many other ways dinosaurs could be in medicine. Exactly, how? I don't know. Let's go on.

Dinosaurs as Pets

We could not have a Jurassic Park Cinematic Universe without a movies in which dinosaurs are kept as pets. In Jurassic World, you see domesticated Velociraptors. Velociraptors as pets would make a good story. You could have a film which shows the difficulty of keeping Velociraptors as pets. Are all dinosaurs suitable as pets. Absolutely not. Some are too big and too dangerous. Tyrannosaurus rex would just eat you up. So would Spinosaurus. And do not get me started on Indominus rex. Microraptor would make a good pet though since it only eats bugs and birds. This lead me to my next idea.

Feathered Dinosaurs

Scientists have shown that dinosaurs have feathers. Even Jurassic World has acknowledged that to an extent. Genetic manipulation allows for dinosaurs to have scales. But there are who would want to see feathered dinosaurs. So it would be possible to create feathered dinosaurs for that target audience. For people who want to see scientifically accurate dinosaurs, this would work well. Say hello to a new world of scientific accuracy.

Other Prehistoric Animals

Dinosaurs are not the only prehistoric animals featured in Jurassic World. There are also pterosaurs and mosasaurs. However, other films could feature animals from other prehistoric periods. One film could feature mammal-like reptiles from the Permian like Dimetrodon and Lystrosaurus. Another could feature prehistoric mammals from the Ice Age like the Woolly Mammoth and the Sabre-toothed Cat. (Note: There is no such thing as a sabre-toothed tiger.) Another film could feature mammals from the Oligocene like Hyaenodon and Paraceratherium. Another could feature prehistoric marsupials from Pleistocene Australia like Diprotodon, Procoptodon, and the Marsupial Lion. How about prehistoric lemurs from Madagascar like Megaladapis? They could also do a film featuring the Moa. Another film they could do might feature prehistoric arthropods from the Carboniferous period like Meganeura and Arthropleura. How about prehistoric humans like Neanderthals? These are all good films for me. In the case of the Neanderthals, of course, keeping them in a zoo would probably be controversial and highly illegal. Also, how about resurrecting extinct species that died out more recently like the Dodo, the Thylacine, and the Passenger Pigeon. The Rhinoceros could be saved from extinction. There are other possibilities.

Human Cloning

The subject of Neanderthals being cloned, which is easier than cloning a dinosaur by the way, leads to another idea I have for this cinematic universe which is human cloning. One possibility is that historical figures can be cloned like George Washington for example. We could have clones fighting other clones. Clones could rebel against their creators. The worst-case scenario is that it could end up like Blade Runner where the clones are banished from Earth. Who knows what might happen? I personally would prefer one in which the clones live side by side with other people and dinosaurs. This leads to my next idea.

Cloning Body Parts

I have three ideas when it comes to films in this cinematic universe about cloning body parts. The first involves cloning human organs. A film about this subject would surprise a lot of people. Of course, organ harvesting would go out of business, so the villain could be a criminal involved in organ harvesting so to keep his illegal business afloat. Another idea I have for a film would be cloning animal parts like rhino horn, elephant tusks, tiger fur, etc. Selling these man-made parts would make a good plot for a film, and poachers could be the main antagonists. The final idea for this subject would be in vitro meat. Meat that was never part of an animal would make a good plot for a film. The villains might be farmers who feel threatened by this product. A worst-case scenario in this regard would be similar to Soylent Green where people are turned into food except that in this case, it would be cloned human body parts. Of course, the technology in Jurassic Park and its sequels could go beyond cloning all together.

Synthetic Life

By creating synthetic life, we would be seeing new species that never existed. Indominus rex is a hybrid dinosaur created from existing species. Thus, it does not count as a true synthetic lifeform. So a future film in the Jurassic Park Cinematic Universe could feature a true synthetic lifeform created through synthetic DNA which might go rogue just like the dinosaurs in the films that exist today. Or it could stay loyal to humans. Who knows what might happen? However, the technology that is the main focus of this cinematic universe could go beyond cloning or creating synthetic life.

Genetic Manipulation

Genetically-modified plants and animals are all and good, but how about humans? That would be the main focus of a film about genetic manipulation. The first people in this cinematic universe would likely do is use genetic manipulation to cure genetic disorders. They would with single-gene disorders first. Only then, would multiple-gene disorders be cured. Then, humans would most likely use the technology to enhance their physical and mental abilities. We would see a film featuring super-soldiers. This could even lead to designer babies. A worst-case scenario would be something like Gattaca. But don't worry. If I were in charge which I am not, I would not allow this worst-case scenario to happen. All of this technology, of course will inevitably lead to the last idea I have for a Jurassic Park Cinematic Universe.


Genetic manipulation would inevitably lead to transhumanism. This would be the pièce de résistance of the Jurassic Park Cinematic Universe. I think that a film in this universe about transhumanism would have humanity becoming immortal. Not literally, but this movie would have people not aging past 20 at all. This would be possible with a combination of genetic manipulation and nanotechnology. This film would depict people of this future having nanobots in every cell in their bodies capable of rejuvenating the body's cells thus creating eternal youth. These nanobots can also be used to modify DNA in each cell allowing a person to enhance their physical abilities and change their physical appearance at will. On the subject of the latter also known as expressive augmentation, women would be more likely to alter their physical appearance than men. For these transhuman movies, I have got a few ideas on how this would work. In one film, a group of 20 homosexual women modify themselves so that they look like they are wearing make-up when in fact they are not. They also make their lips, breasts, and butts bigger. The big thing that they do is that they become muscular by means of genetic manipulation. They also modify themselves to two reproductive systems one male and one female while still being biologically female and can only breed amongst themselves thus creating a new species. This, of course, would be done among other homosexual women using this technology. Another film idea I have involves another group of homosexual women becoming anthropomorphic cats. They would retain their human hair as a remnant of their humanity another common feature for homosexual transhuman women. A third film idea involves still another group of homosexual women becoming anthropomorphic dinosaurs. A fourth film idea a fourth group of homosexual women taking on demonic forms. A fifth idea I have would go even further. For this idea, a few women alter their DNA so significantly that they erase all remnants of their humanity. They take on forms so monstrous that could not be considered human. One could become an insect-like creature with spikes on its back and appendages that kill. Another could become a maggot with row-upon-row of teeth in its maw. A third could become a slug-like creature that is so slimy as to be gross. A fourth could become a snake-like monster with small legs for movement. All four of would also reproduce asexually which would free them from being to reproduce sexually completely. They would also erase their memories and thus be unable to remember being human which is what they wanted in the first place. They would also be carnivores and drain their intelligence to that of an animal. This would complete their transformations so they can now their new lives as new species of animals that are monstrous to say the least. This plot would be the ultimate film in the Jurassic Park Cinematic Universe. Films in this universe could not get any better than this.

And now I would to hear your opinion on this idea. Please comment on this page and think about ideas for this universe. You might also want to come up with your own cinematic universe. What do you think?


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