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Nat Wolff just starred in the highly anticipated film Paper Towns, based on the popular young adult novel by established author and YouTube Star, John Green. Starring as Quentin “Q” Jacobsen opposite the talented Cara Delevingne, Nat Wolff has catapulted into stardom as the new boy to watch out for in Hollywood.

Son of jazz pianist Michael Wolff and actress Polly Draper, Wolff aspired to be part of the industry at a very young age. As a kid, he would claim to be a child star. With so much instilled confidence and ambition, Wolff taught himself piano, guitar and vocals and even started his own band at age 5 with his friends.

This lead to his work in the 2005 Nickolodean Movie The Naked Brother Band that he starred in with his brother and was produced by his mother. His father also played a minor character in the film. Two years later, the success of the movie enabled Wolff to reprise his role in a show of the same name. The show, starring the regular cast, remained successful during their three year air time, ending in 2009. Honestly, it was an awesome show for all the children that wanted to be a rock star in their own band!

A couple years later, Wolff started appearing in a few independent movies such as 2012's Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding and the 2013 romantic comedy, Stuck In Love, starring alongside Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly and Lily Collins.

During his teens, he also appeared in the 2012's New Years Eve with a highly credited cast and co-starred in the comedies, Admission (2013) and Behaving Badly in 2014, with Selena Gomez playing his love interest. In that same year, Wolff rose to greater stardom in his most popular supporting role in the drama film The Fault in Our Stars that earned him two Teen Choice Awards.

Returning to the capable hands of John Green, 2015 saw Wolff starring in his own young adult book adaptation of Paper Towns. Hopefully not too many people find the faults in Paper Towns. The film has gathered mixed reviews but generally positive responses from audiences.

The future sees Wolff set to appear in American comedy The Intern starring alongside Anne Hathaway and Robert DiNero, and in In Dubious Battle, starring and directed by James Franco. Wolff joins Selena Gomez once again to deliver a drama film about the 1930s major apple picker strike. The movie is set for release in 2016.

Nat Wolff comes from a talented family and, at the age of 20 already has ten years of acting experience under his belt. This quiet and mellow actor will hopefully rise to major stardom as he realises his great potential in the film industry.


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