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"Fantastic Four" is the latest entry into the franchise and is a re-boot nonetheless. There has been lots of criticism of this film, from stories from the set to critic reviews not being "fantastic." I went into this film genuinely wanting to enjoy it. I walked out hoping that the sequel doesn't happen.

Before I start to rip this film apart, it does have some good things about it. The film starts off really nicely. It shows us a young Richards and Grimm as they are experimenting with teleportation. When the film introduces most of the main characters and shows their various interactions as they are building a giant inter-dimension transporter, I enjoyed it. Seeing these people grow closer together worked for me, and had it continued that somewhat when they finally got to the other planet, maybe this film would have worked as well.

The performances are also well done for the dialogue they were given. Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordon, and Jamie Bell are all fairly well known, with Teller and Mara having been in award-winning projects ("Whiplash" and "House of Cards," respectively). So it's not surprise that they're acting is fine. It's the dialogue which can be terrible at times. I'm normally not one to notice or care much about dialogue, but listening to some scenes was just plain difficult to do at times.

The CGI for the powers also looked good. Richards stretchiness looked fine, Storm's barriers looked good and Torch's fire looked neat. Grimm's Thing was the most noticeably CGI, which is a shame in a time where we can see a realistic looking Hulk on-screen. One would think something similar could be done in this case as well.

Now for the flaws. The second half, in which they all have their powers, is the most boring part of the film. No fights are shown and we barely get to actually see the powers at work. They even skip the montage of them experimenting and learning how to control their abilities. There's no major confrontation until the very end and the Four don't even come together as a team until that final confrontation versus Doom. It should not be a fight they have a sliver of a chance of winning at this point. Doom, from a power standpoint, worked neatly in regards to the power he possessed, as he mercilessly massacred people while walking down a hallway. Yeah, not something a group of people should be able to handle right off the bat.

And to top everything off, there is nothing in the end credits. No mid-credit scene or post-credit scene. Nothing. You'd think there'd be something to tease the supposed sequel, but we get NOTHING. This is probably the first time in years that I've walked out of a Marvel film which gave no tease at all, whether the film is MCU, Fox, or Sony.

This was a movie that I really wanted to like. The first half hour or so had me excited, thinking it might not be as bad as everyone had said it'd be, but when they do literally nothing exciting with the powers, have a slow build-up to a fight which should have been mid-movie and had the team lose, and simply nothing to wet fans appetites after an extremely dull experience, it just simply does not work. Unless you're a severe Fantastic Four fan, save yourself the trip and just watch the trailer. You'll likely get just as much out of it from those three minutes than the whole 100 I had to deal with.

But those are my thoughts. Let me know yours in the comments below!

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